Total gives thumbs up to plastic money

TOTAL Zimbabwe says it does not condone the rejection of plastic money transactions at all its fuel service stations dotted around the country as this was counterproductive.


The company’s managing director, Ronan Bescond, told delegates at the prize-giving ceremony of the Refresh, Refuel, and Recharge promotion yesterday that it was improper for the company to reject plastic money in the face of prevailing cash shortages.

“We don’t allow people [employees] who don’t accept plastic money. That we don’t allow as Total Zimbabwe. I am not saying that there are no employees who are not doing it. First we try to catch them and if we catch them, they go away. Mobile money services is something we do in response to cash shortages,” he said.

This comes at a time certain fuel companies were refusing to accept plastic money payments citing forex gridlocks.

Bescond said renovations of the company’s 100 service stations were in line with the company’s standards and 15 were still to get a facelift.

“We have our standards and we do the same standards all over the world. Over the last few months we have been doing renovations for our all our branches. We finished the Bulawayo region and we still have 15 more branches out of there,” he said.

He said acceptance of plastic money was a standard practice for the company across the globe.

“The other thing is integrity. Our integrity covers compliance, growth and service. We value the service we give out there,” he said.

Bescond said his company was committed to better energy and go beyond petrol and diesel.

“We want to develop solar energy in Zimbabwe. We have not developed it but we are working on it. We can use it to generate our own electricity and feed the grid. We going to bring this because we know how to do it. Our mission is much broader; our shops are getting more professional. We want to go beyond petrol and diesel in all our branches in the country. We want to offer digital services and at some stage our customers will be able to pay their DStv and insurance from all our shops,” he said.

Several customers who participated in the Refresh, Refuel, and Recharge won various prices courtesy of Total Zimbabwe, Telecel and Alpha Media Holdings.

Overall winner, Brenda Tapi walked away with airtime, fuel coupons, solar set and newspaper subscriptions.

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  1. Total Mabvuku has never accepted plastic transactions as they always say there is no network. Please deal with them.

  2. Well done Total. You are guided by business ethics. We will continue to support you

  3. What is happening with TOTAL fuel supply too

  4. Total Mabvuku is does not accept swipe, they either tell you the network offline and they do not have fuel at all. Though i live in Mabvuku , i have never got any joy.

    1. The same applies to Total Fife St and 13th Ave in Bulawayo

  5. Total Belgravia is so lovely. keep it ip

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