Star FM DJ turns tables on kidnapping victim’s father

MUSIC promoter and radio disc jockey, Simbarashe Maphosa, popularly known as DJ Templeman, who is accused of kidnapping a teenage girl, told a Harare magistrate that he did not commit the offence, but wanted to rescue her from her sexually abusive father.


Maphosa told magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura that the victim phoned him saying she wanted to accompany him to Beitbridge after seeing his poster for a show.

He said he agreed to the teenage girl’s request and offered her transport on March 29 this year after she lied that she was 23 years old.

After the show, the victim and her friend allegedly told Maphosa that they were no longer returning to Harare, but wanted to go to Musina, South Africa.

Maphosa said he had a torrid time convincing her to change her mind, but she told him that she was being sexually abused by her father. He then offered to take her to Star FM presenter Tilda Moyo for assistance.

The court heard that upon arrival in Harare, Maphosa looked for accommodation for the two before taking her to Star FM, but the teenager’s father visited him together with three bouncers and two police officers.

He said he was assaulted by the victim’s father, who wanted him to reveal the girl’s whereabouts. He then led them to her Avondale hideout.

The court heard that when the victim saw the police officers, she allegedly threatened to commit suicide rather than return to her father.

The court heard that the victim was later assured by one officer, a Tshuma, that she would not be taken to her father, but to the officer-in-charge at the police station.

Maphosa was then released by the police after the complainant had narrated her story. He said he was surprised when the State turned around 13 days later and accused him of kidnapping the girl.

Chitumbura postponed the trial to June 8 for continuation.

Allegations are that between March 29 and 31 in Beitbridge, Maphosa unlawfully detained the teenager for three days without her parents’ consent and exposed her to drugs and beer.

Ressie Nyamombe appeared for the State.

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  1. Templeman taura chokwadi ukarohwa unotiudza zvawaiita nemwana.

  2. this is pure crap and even a half wit magistrate will not buy this version try another line and rehearse it properly mr dj

  3. maDJ enyu aya

  4. Mapurisa rovai munhu ataure chokwadi – was it just beer and drugs to he abused the kid sexually. I am keen to see the end to this, and if justice is not delivered the Kereke type of justice should roll in. Pane achabowa nekuzhamba chete gore rino!

  5. ngaaende kujeri mwana muUnder age

  6. Free templemantheGodfather


  7. Comment…I feel there’s no story here, the parent is trying to cover his track and fleece e dj, there’s no mentioning of sexual contact here, anyway the truth shall come out at the end of the day

  8. This guy must carry his cross. Why didn’t you take the girls to the police on the first place. Pure kidnap and child abuse. The girl was exposed to all forms abuse drugs, alcohol and after this you can imagine what became of her without self control. Please help us take him away from our community. He has committed such other desspeakle acts within little girls from our community

  9. Let him rot in jail

  10. Hapana nyaya abatsira aponda hr vakomana

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