Residents turn to private cemeteries

SEVERAL Bulawayo residents have now reportedly turned to the privately-owned Umvutcha Park cemetery to bury their loved ones after council cemeteries ran out of space, with the local authority pushing residents to consider cremation as another option.


Umvutcha Park Cemetery owner, Elizabeth Dubois, told Southern Eye that the facility had a capacity for 50 000 graves and was open to everyone.

“The cemetery is open to everyone. Burials are open from 9am to 3pm to give people extra time. Bookings are done and these will be via funeral parlour service and insurance companies. We look forward to providing our community with much-needed service. The place is maintained and secure,” she said.

“The cemetery has a reservoir which becomes a fountain of memories for those who wish to put up a plague in remembrance of their loved ones who get cremated. A crematorium is something we are looking into for the future.

“We have buried 60 people so far and we have over 200 bookings.”

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