Police chase away vendors

OVER 600 vendors who used to operate a flea market close to Harare Central Police Station were kicked out yesterday on allegations of posing a security threat.
The vendors claimed they were just ordered off without prior notice after operating at the site for over 10 years.


“We just woke up to this drama, this is coming as a surprise and we do not even know where this is coming from, we were not even given a notice and they just came and said they did not want to see us setting tables here,” Linda Dizha, a trader said.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the eviction in a statement.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police bears with the innocent people who have been affected by the decision to stop vending at ZRP Harare Central car park. Vending at Harare Central has been stopped since it has become a real security threat,” she said.

“Intelligence gathered indicates that there are certain individuals/groups who want to take advantage of the goodwill of the police to commit subversive acts. This is also coupled with obstruction of the smooth flow of traffic at or near Harare Central and surrounding areas.

“Issues of security are at the heart of the police, hence, this decision. We appeal to affected individuals to approach Harare Central Projects Office for further management.”

The vendors paid a $9 fee per day, which amounted to $5 000 per day to police, with defaulters risking confiscation of their wares.

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  1. Kare Kaivanani

    Pamberi neZANU PF!!!!!

  2. these continuous ambushes are subject to the laws of cause n effecf especially wen nt carefully planned

  3. thank you cbd is now being turned into a dogs breakfast by these vendors in any case you need to remove all vendors to wait until after elections is not going to pay a thing harare is an mdc constituency all seats put together ,but where is the minister as all this nonsense is happening in out city, we need order urgent

  4. True muCBD madahakwa manje especially coupled with this digging of trenches by Telone haaa tatove kuWest Africa chaiko . Despite all this I think the police should have given the Vendors notice to relocate to some other places set aside for them by the City of Harare because vending is now a business to fend for one’s family in Zimbabwe

    1. On that note, i wonder why the TelOne guys are being allowed to dig dig & dig everywhere but fail to restore the area after finishing their job. They should either contract some road repairing companies or pay the council so that they sort out their mess

      1. you are spot on arrest or chase away telone and council guys for the trenches which are now a motorists nightmare in town

  5. Was their presence there lawful in the first place and in whose pockets were the monies they were paying going into ?

  6. Why all long, traders paid $9 per day to police instead of council? I believe that money was going into Chihuri’s pockets.
    I dont blame the traders but Mugabe for destroying a once beautiful country inherited from Smith regime.
    There is no order whatsoever in the country becoz of Mugabe. Now that, the vendors were chased, they must use blue roof (Mugabe’s residence) in Borrowdale as their vending site.
    I dont blame the current govt for the chaos in the country, i blame STUP!D RG MUGABE.

    1. Comment…nyarara iwe ngochani,

  7. Why all along, traders were paying $9 to the police instead of paying to council? Someone somewhere was benefitting all along.

    1. understand newsday article. its referring to land owned by police and previously used as car park and later turned into vending site, economic hardships force such decisions since government is struggling to finance police operations

  8. Its high time ZRP operations are brought under thorough scrutiny by a Parly Committee headed by T Mliswa there seems to be a lot of shoddy underhand dealings in police. This was a contract whereon POLICE were unduly benefiting heavily thus are obliged to give the vendors factual reasons and notice to terminate the agreement.

  9. mapurisa emuno muharare !

  10. Comment…chisingaperi chinoshura

  11. dai vatobuditswa vese mutown mavendors acho because the whole town is becoming MBARE like in nature.

  12. police has a car park that it owns at harare central. a decision had been made to raise funds for operations by turning car park into vending site. however police reserves the right to cancel decision. its not like all vendors in harare pay $9 to police. it was only those renting car park space.

  13. Mu Harare mawanda ma vendor chii chacho apa nhai ana pambwa musangovukure, vanhu vapei mabasa acho ka uda kuti vanhu vadye nhoko dze zvironda here? Abaiwa ne tonaz ngaabude kana kuvapa vanhu mabasa.

  14. Rigging in progress! Security risk yazikanwa nhasi? Vakadii kuti security risk pakapfurwa vanhu wema kombi pa flyover? Elections are nigh avachada kuwona makawungana kudaro panzwimbo imwechete.

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