Parties brace for busy weekend

THE 2018 election campaign goes into full gear this weekend, with the country’s two main political contenders — Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his MDC Alliance counterpart Nelson Chamisa — lining up star rallies in Manicaland and Midlands provinces, respectively.


Chamisa is expected to roll out a three-day campaign blitz in the Midlands province starting today, while Mnangagwa will officially launch his campaign trail tomorrow, with two rallies in Mutare and Buhera.

Mnangagwa, who is yet to proclaim the election dates, launches his election campaign at a time most provincial structures were fractured following the recent party primary elections.

Zanu PF provincial secretary for administration Kenneth Saruchera said Mnangagwa would address “bumper crowds” at Sakubva Stadium and in Buhera, where he would also commission the Marowanyati Dam.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be in Manicaland on Saturday. In the morning, he will tour 3 Brigade Barracks and on that one, I don’t have enough information,’’ he said.

“Later, he will address people at Sakubva Stadium. It’s just a Meet-the-People rally. After that, the President will go to Buhera, where he will commission the Marowanyati Dam and later, address a rally.” ads Ads

On the other hand, Chamisa’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the youthful party presidential candidate would kick off his Midlands campaign with a rally at Maboleni business centre in Vungu today before proceeding to Tongogara business centre in Shurugwi.

On Saturday, Chamisa who has already held several campaign rallies in various other provinces, will invade Mataga business centre in Mberengwa before completing his blitz in Zvishavane on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Chamisa’s other rival and MDC-T’s breakaway faction leader Thokozani Khupe has also lined up a meeting with her supporters at Harare Show Grounds’ Mandela Hall on Saturday.

The Khupe faction’s spokesperson Linda Masarira said the meeting was meant to unpack the party’s manifesto to the provincial leadership.

“It is critically important to note that we are not yet having rallies. We are unpacking the manifesto to our provincial structures province by province that is why the event is dubbed ‘Game on BEST Harare’,” she said.

People’s Rainbow Coalition leader Joice Mujuru also hits the campaign trail this weekend, starting with her home province of Mashonaland Central, where she is also set to launch her election manifesto.

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  1. Mkobori Indanhete

    Zimbabwe needs leaders like Strive Masiyiwa with a track record of success and wealth acquired free of nefarious activities. People who have satisfied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and are now at the stage of giving back to society. These death cheating thugs with a history of meting out death to others and looting won’t take us anywhere. Neither will excitable toddlers relishing the idea of getting their hands in the national treasury to feather their nests and those of their small houses serve us.

    1. Nyatsimba Mutota

      Very true, very true. At the moment Chamisa is a better option.

      1. U are sick not all of us are Boys in Mens shells

    2. kutaura kwausina kuswera

    3. You sound like a child who longs to have his friend`s dad as his father which is very impossible.Dr Masiwa might be a successful business man but that does not make him a good politician.Zimbabwe needs statesmen with Zimbabwe at heart. ED or Nelson Chamisa can change this country as long as they are committed to doing so…….

  2. I do agree that successful in business also requires hard work.But its a complete fallacy to just extrapolate success in business to politics.In business its very easy to manage because most of the things are according to Company Act.In politics,there are rules that govern the operations of politics.Its a very difficult terrain that require special stamina

  3. There are no rules

  4. I would rather watch the movie. All of the above are shameless. One grabbed power via army, the other via bogus council before the soil on his former leader’s grave had even dried. Other 2 just after revenge nxaaaa. Smith was better

  5. please mnangagwa give us the election date. why are doing like you want the rigging machine to be in place before you do that. so mnangagwa will be addressing zanu rallies and zbc will be showing them live. kkkkkkkk. rigging number one. he will be opening a government project in buhera in the name of zanu. rigging number two. I am glad chamisa told his supporters to go to these rallies but know what to do in the box.


  7. Why should people keep on voting for Zanu pf?

  8. Zanu pf takaipa mukana kare 38 yrs here guys toramba tichingonyeperwa chete ummmm nyangwe Tsvangi arimuguva angatomuke..zvasiyana ana zanuinod aaa kufamba magaro pazhe murimi henyu nzira dzose makomba maimbovepikooo

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