Off-duty cops arrested over contraband


Two Kariba-based police detectives were arrested on Monday on allegations of smuggling illicit medical substances after one of the vehicles carrying the contraband was involved in an accident in Norton.

By Simbarashe Sithole

According to a leaked police memorandum, Knowledge Charindapanze (27) and Tapiwa Mutundumura (49), both from the Criminal Investigations Unit, allegedly smuggled various substances including controlled medication through Kariba.

The off-duty duo was allegedly hired by Ruben Musoro (49), the owner of the consignment, and were using two different vehicles to carry the smuggled goods from Kariba to Harare.

The accident allegedly occurred at around 4am at the 10km peg along the Norton-Murombedzi Road.

After the accident, an informer saw the two removing suspicious cardboard boxes from the car and hiding them in a nearby bush and made a report at Norton Police Station.
Norton police officers rushed to the scene, where they allegedly heard that a Toyota Hiace registration number AEP6868 driven by Musoro had carried away the contraband to Harare.

The police officers gave chase and intercepted the vehicle at Snake Park along Harare-Bulawayo Road.

“The Toyota Hiace was driven to CID Norton offices where a thorough search was conducted and it was, discovered that it was carrying 60 X 100ml Bio Claire (loose), five boxes of 30x 12x 30ml, four boxes of 30x 10x15g, 11 boxes Extra Claire 14x 6x120ml, 48 boxes 8x4x120ml, 51 super apetito (loose), two boxes amoxicillin 10×10 capsules, ibuprofen, four boxes Clair Men lotion, three boxes bumol, lemonvate x600 tubes x30g, two boxes lofnac diclofenic and 10 x 5 litres engine oil,” the memorandum read.

The matter is being investigated under CR98/05/18 and DR10/05/18.


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