Mwale’s love for fashion, style


FOR most women, thinking about what to wear is a daily struggle whether one is dressing for church, work, night clubbing or simply going to town. The struggle to find perfect clothes for the specific event is real.


But an answer to this struggle has probably come to an end.

Strictlychicme — a fashion and lifestyle blogger — has created a clothing line called Strictlychiczw aimed at easing the daily struggles that women face.

Born Mutsawashe Mwale, the lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur is set to launch a clothing line early next month.

“Strictlychiczw is a brand that caters for women’s everyday wardrobe needs, be it casual or office wear, we aim to provide a capsule wardrobe and to eliminate the ‘I don’t have any clothes’ statement that women have every morning,”Mwale told NewsDay Life & Style.

Born in Bindura, Mwale says she grew her passion for fashion and style from watching the television show, How Do I Look?

“I grew up wanting to be a television star like Jeanie Mai from How Do I Look? And from there, I would imagine dressing people up for special occasions and all. So I have loved fashion and style since I was young,” she said.

Mwale recalled how she got so many inquiries about fashion and style, leading to her finally creating her own magic.

“As a fashion blogger and influencer, I used to get many questions of where to find clothing pieces or where I get my style pieces and after recommending so many stores I decided to invest in a fashion line of my own and to channel my style into it,” she said.

The clothing line includes women’s suits, casual basics and figure-flattering dresses.

Apart from fashion blogging, Mwale owns a company, Nhava, which retails handbags for professional women and has been in the game for three years.

The number of bloggers in Zimbabwe is somewhat limited compared to those in Central Africa she blames companies for underestimating the influence that bloggers have but she is optimistic that Zimbabwe is upping its game.

“The Zimbabwean economy does not allow us to pursues our hobbies, especially hobbies that don’t give out returns quickly for a start-up one needs equipment, videographers, photographers which are generally expensive and most local companies have not yet realised the influence that one person can have in bringing about awareness to their brand, but media is changing in Africa and soon Zimbabwe will catch up,” Mwale said.

The mother of one, who is also an accounting student, admitted to the pressure that comes with balancing work and family, but encouraged fellow upcoming bloggers and entrepreneurs to work hard to be successful.

“It all comes down to time management and being able to accept that as a woman, I am not super woman. I do need help and to upcoming entrepreneurs, I say passion precedes success,” she said.


  1. It is quite rewarding in the END to be a pioneer…particularly if you decide to tackle virgin territory like our lady friend is doing here. I say BRAVO to her and others like her !!!

  2. Kudos and more to the lady and those of her ilk who have decided to venture into this VIRGIN territory !!! Only fame and long bucks will find this lady and those of her ilk faster than you can say SUCCEED!!!

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