Mugabe snubs Parly, summoned again

FORMER President Robert Mugabe yesterday failed to turn up to Parliament after being summoned to give oral evidence on the missing $15 billion diamond revenue, which he alluded to in 2016.


Parliament then summoned him again to appear before the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy on Monday.

Committee chairperson, Temba Mliswa told journalists that Mugabe’s no-show could have been due to old age.

“In view of the time, we have resolved that we will write to Mugabe to appear before us next Monday at 2pm, taking into cognisance the fact that 9am was too early because when he was in office, he would do Cabinet meetings late in the afternoon at 2pm,” he said.

Mugabe, who stepped down from power last November following a military intervention, turned 94 in February.

The Norton legislator said by inviting Mugabe to appear before the committee, they did not intend to humiliate him.

“We expect him to have time to appear before Parliament. We do not expect to get co-operation from him, but Parliament has power to summon anyone. For us, to expect Mugabe at 9am am was a bit hardcore,” he said.

“I think he will comply because he is a man who understands the Constitution and he is our statesman.”

A letter to Mugabe from Parliament written by deputy clerk, Nomasonto Sunga and copied to the Speaker of the National Assembly read: “The purpose is for you to brief the committee on the alleged loss of $15 billion in diamond revenue and the context in which you are alleged to have said that statement. The mines committee believes you may have useful information for the committee to conclude its report.”

Mugabe had not communicated to Parliament whether he would attend the hearing.

Southern Africa Parliamentary Support Trust (Sapst) executive director, John Makamure said part 111 of the Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Parliament Act empowered committees to summon any person to appear before them and produce any documents required.

He said the Act also lists offences such as prevarication during questioning, presenting false information, tampering with, threatening or unduly influencing any person with regards to the evidence, and publishing defamatory statements about a member as offences.

“If he (Mugabe) refuses to be examined, the committee has to move a motion requesting the Speaker to set up a privileges committee to investigate Mugabe’s conduct.

The committee will report to the House and if found guilty and the report is adopted, Mugabe stands charged with contempt of Parliament. The committee will also recommend the level of a fine. They cannot impose a criminal penalty,” Makamure said.

He said if Parliament is dissolved before the matter is concluded, then it falls away.

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  1. this whole $15 bidza thing is now water under the bridge better focus on putting pressure on whoever matters to ensure that wicknell is arraigned and brought before the courts for the bogus gwanda solar project i think that is what matters for now.

  2. Hon Mliswa and company you say ‘0900hrs’ was a bit early for the old despot…but kana harahwa iyi ichienda Singapore anobata jongwe muromo wani? Treat everyone fairly with respect, though.

  3. Shakes Marovandima

    This delinquent grandpa needs to have a parliamentary committee set up to investigate how on civil servant’s salary he managed to build himself blue roofs, started a dairy business, build a mansion in Zvimba…perhaps when he sees this start to happen he will quit his contempt for parliament and Zimbabweans.

  4. No one is above the law. Mugabe should know that. If he was fit to run for the presidency at 94, he must be fit to stand in parliament. Nothing special about robert mugabe. His disdain for the constitution shows that he was tyrant who thrived on violence, threat and murder. He should be happy that ED just let him off the hook. However, robert mugabe must stand in parliament and answer the questions about the missing $15 billion.

  5. Comment…People seem to forget that its Robert Mugabe who raised the ire about the $15b Chiadzwa diamonds. He is not been accused but has to clarify how he came with amount. Maybe when he reading the prepared statement, he misread $1.5b as $15b which can be partially explained by the police/Chihuri and CIO operations. But the bottom line is that they all looted the Chiadzwa diamonds which highlighted in the weakliks e-mails. ED has a rural house, Guvheya(google Chiwenga divorce), Chihuri’s Borrowdale mansion, etc

  6. I thought the committee had resolved to go and interrogate the old man at his house? That was a good plan where he would have nowhere to hide except in the toilet to escape this inquiry, we can never as a nation allow $15bn to disappear without answers while our children wallow in hunger & poverty

  7. How far has he gone with Obert Mpofu on this one….? Can he summon Mnangagwa as well as Chiwengwa? they are part of the web

  8. Tendai Chaminuka

    Siyai mdara akadaro uyu.Vamwe muchatinyarira mucommittee yenyu iyi coz ur hands are not clean.Inga Bob munomuziva akatanga kutaura.#leaveBobAlone

  9. The gods could have bewitched our fellow Shona country men. Look at how they are humiliating their only sorry excuse of a National Hero/ StateMan, while we watch and laugh.

  10. @Dunderhead you are a sick tribalist..No wonder why you call yourself a dunderhead

  11. He should go to bed at noon the day before he has to appear, that should give him a good 24 hours sleep and rest, hopefully after that rest he will be able to stay awake for at least 30 minutes between 2pm and 2:30 pm !!

  12. Hapana zvavanomuita mudhara uyu. inobatabata the coup boys too much nyaya yemaDiamonds iyi. They are the ones who benefitted. VnaED vaibva kuAngola vakaisa $5m musuitcase nenyaya yediamonds vachiita deal naSam Pa. Musafurirwa apa.

  13. Ah 15 billion iyi kaiyi ngazviperi hazvo coz zviinokonzeresa coz vose vaiva po saka vanozivana kuti vhara chete

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