Mliswa takes missing $15bn crusade to Mugabe’s mansion

THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy has resolved to meet former President Robert Mugabe at his private home instead of dragging him to Parliament to answer questions on the missing $15 billion diamond revenue, NewsDay has learnt.


This comes amid speculative reports that the high-profile meeting could be held on Wednesday at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale, Harare.

The chairperson of the committee, Temba Mliswa said his committee was comfortable with meeting Mugabe at his residence.

“The committee has already resolved that Kennedy Chokuda (Clerk of Parliament) must look at the issue of writing to Mugabe to appear before the committee, and there is pressure that there is need for transparency over the issue of the missing $15 billion revenue.

“Parliament is prepared to give the former Head of State respect and to meet him at his Blue Roof mansion because he is old,” he said.

Mliswa said the meeting was not meant to grill or humiliate Mugabe, but a fact-finding mission to break the puzzle over the missing diamond revenue, which the former leader alluded to at a public meeting in 2016.

“It is now up to the Parliament administration to get communication to Mugabe because his evidence will be critical in terms of us concluding our report. We need to do that before Parliament is dissolved for the 2018 general elections.

“As a committee, we can go to Mugabe’s house to meet him there to respect his age,” he said.

Chokuda yesterday could not confirm if they had already summoned Mugabe to appear before the committee.

“I am not yet sure if the letter to summon Mugabe was delivered because I have not been at work. However, he can be asked to appear before the committee if the situation warrants that,” he said without giving further details.

Several top government bigwigs have already been grilled over the matter. These include former Mines ministers Obert Mpofu, and Walter Chidakwa, ex-State security ministers Didymus Mutasa and Sydney Sekeramai, former Home Affairs minister Ignatious Chombo (Home Affairs) and Central Intelligence Organisation, police and the army bosses.

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  1. if you meet him then what not even a single high profile figure has been arraigned before the courts because of these time wasting parliamentary committees just leave the old man alone if you failed on wicknel why do you want to seek unnecessary attention now, just stop it

    1. He is an attention seeker of the highest kind he is just looking for relevance, Norton should dump him

      1. Don’t you want to know where the 15bn went? As the people of Zimbabwe we deserve answers. That missing money could have been used to improve the lives of millions of Zimbabweans living in poverty. At least Mliswa is keeping the missing billions front and centre. You might not like him as a person but he is doing his job.

  2. Mliswa is just enjoying the limelight. How can you say you want to meet at his home because of old age when he hasn’t indicated that he cannot come to parly?? To make matters worse the communication has not even been sent to him yet somebody is already picturing themselves in the Blue Roof! You cannot invite yourselves into somebody’s house, esp. iwe Temba neSize 13 boots dzako, who will sweep after you.

    1. Mjombo you are otally right. The man was not old to rule over a nation of millions of people and he used to attend all state events and was forced o retire against his will. Now he’s too old to come to parly when he himself hasn’t indicated that he can’t come. These little boys kutonyengerera Mugabe nekuda kuita hunhu hanzi “Parliament is prepared to give the former Head of State respect and to meet him at his Blue Roof mansion because he is old,” . Old my foot! Guy should be held to account for his wrongs else we continue to set precedents

  3. Good move by Mliswa, even if Mugabe wants to meet under water or in the bush or on the moon or wherever, it’s all fine, we just need answers, where is the money!!!!

  4. Mliswa is just overzealous for nothing. attention seeking and not doing anything,when Obert Mpofu said he will not appear before the committe again if Mliswa is the Chairperson, what did he do. He is all over the show, NSSA he is there, can he himself rescue himself from the appointed facts pertaining to his ex wife who is /was employed unprocedurally at Nssa….nxaaa. Leave Gushungo alone young man

  5. Ingoendai kunoona Blue Roof makanyarara.
    Some of these exercises are meant to further bury the truth

  6. This is a wholly worthless serving exercise by Themba

  7. The fool wants to take selfies in the blue roof, we know your style my guy yap yap for nothing running to the papers after a dream filled night, tibverepo

  8. Kana masuwa mdara Bob endai makanyarara

  9. Vhotera Chamisa first..mozotanga kutsvaga chokwadi later because as it stands now ..chero chokwadi mukachiwana mozodii…ZanuPf bigwigs are Mpofu

    1. No, not the little Junta!

  10. Please leave Mliswa alone you are not supposed to focus on him but the missing $15b
    Mugabe has to tell the nation how he came to mention $15b he could have said any figure. For morons to attack Themba Mliswa who is doing what most of our MPs are afraid of doing is hypocracy. I know most people dont like Themba but let him do his job without criticizing and name calling thats childish of these people.Hate him or like him I support his fiercelessness and combativeness to tackle issues which are a taboo to some.Pamberi naThemba Mliswa.

    1. Problem is Zimbabwe has too many corrupt people. Actually, 90% of pple in Zim have at 1 point done something illegal out of necessity or greed. I am amongst the 90%. But we now need to move forward as a people. Concealing evidence of wrong doings is what has been done in the last 3 months after the Mnangagwa coup. Too bad we can’t do anything about it. But now we need to at least have someone to nail. Chombo still roams free and we have no idea what’s happening with his supposed case. We are screwed. We ned to fight the system

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