MDC-T primary elections go smoothly

Nelson Chamisa,

MDC-T primary elections in Harare went on smoothly in some constituencies while in others, chaotic scenes carried the day as party members from different camps clashed over the manner the polls were being conducted.


The party conducted its primaries in most parts of Harare and results were streaming in by late yesterday.

In Kuwadzana East, a constituency once held by the now party leader Nelson Chamisa, there were skirmishes as supporters of aspiring candidates clashed over the eligibility of party deputy treasurer-general, Charlton Hwende.

On the other side, hordes of Hwende’s supporters refused to be cowed, warning any attempt to remove him will be met with resistance.

According to the party members, Shakespeare Mukoyi, the deputy youth boss challenged Hwende to prove that he was from Kuwadzana constituency, angering Hwende’s supporters who then refused to participate in the elections. They then regrouped and agreed to take the matter to the provincial leadership.

Harare provincial chairman Eric Murai said he was yet to receive reports of what transpired.

“I am yet to receive all the reports, but so far people have maintained our expected standards. People voted peacefully and we are starting to receive the results. The majority of the results will be expected by end of day,” he said.

Murai also implored candidates to maintain discipline and be good ambassadors of the party.

The party’s national chairman Morgen Komichi said the party will investigate and bring to book perpetrators of violence during the primary election.

“We are going to investigate cases of violence and we will deal with them,” Komichi said.

“All those allegations will be investigated and we will bring the culprits to book.”

The MDC-T chairman said although there were problems in some areas, the party was largely happy with how the primaries were conducted.

“Where there is competition of people there is bound to be conflict, it cannot be like a wedding. This is normal,” he said.


  1. Now you are agreeing that it is normal to have chaotic situation in primary elections because its now MDC but if it is Zanu Pf is not normal.

  2. the time to reward party loyalists who have proven to be equally as human as their opponents has come. This will be achieved with the help of the electorate. uninspiring.

  3. Daily News you are just an MDC mouthpiece. MDC primary elections only normal to you alone

  4. at least chaos at mdc primary election will be viewed as normal why does it differ from the abnormal when it is zanu pf is that the later has been there for quite a long time with all state machinery to help the elections while the other party is still young,so generally do not waste time comparing the two. just accept that all elections in zimbabwe are marred by such incidents although there are those who rush to point it when the young once err leaving the elders once clean (……..kunoda kwa mai ko mwana…….)

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