I will retire after polls: Hungwe

Long-serving Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister, Josaya Hungwe, who recently got a second bite of the cherry following the coming in of the new political dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has indicated he would retire after the forthcoming general elections.


Hungwe, the Chivi-Mwenezi Zanu PF senatorial candidate, said after the polls, he will not seek another term in office.

His revelations may be a pointer that devolution will be implemented after elections, doing away with resident ministers’ posts, while putting up provincial councils. Zanu PF also had primary elections for the provincial council positions.

Speaking at the commissioning of Gudo Clinic donated by Tongaat Hullet, Chiredzi Rural District Council and the community on Tuesday, Hungwe said his retirement was long overdue.

“I started working in government on 1 January 1957 and I am still serving. I am just waiting for the elections, after that I go home. If I do not have a home to go to, I will go to heaven,” Hungwe said amid laughter from the audience.

“… we are in the new era, new dispensation and things are changing … The new dispensation is ours and we will move with it,” he added.

Hungwe served as governor for Masvingo for a long time, before hibernating in the political wilderness for some years and relocating to Chivi, his home area where he re-strategised and later got a new lease of life as Chivi-Mwenezi senator.

He was to land the Psychomotor ministry, created for him in 2013 and later disbanded when President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over in November last year through a coup.
After the coup, Hungwe, secretary for production and labour in the Zanu PF politburo, as well as a central committee member, was appointed Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister in Mnangagwa’s leaner 22-member Cabinet dominated by loyalists, old faces and a few technocrats.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    long overdue chasura

  2. you have to as your penchant for bootlicking is unequalled in this country

  3. Comment…2030 is after elections hence we can’t wait for yourself to decide when to retire. working in government since 1957 means that u were Ian Douglas Smith’s blue eyed boy, then Mugabe came you crossed the road, now mnangagwa you are at it again. obviously you are plotting to be accommodated by chamisa, why not.

    surely this archaic government must go and pave way for new blood, they are leading the young generation astray because a 1990 has no job but someone is working since 1957 just imagine. Tobaiwa Mudede, ED, Tafataona Mahoso, Hungwe, Angeline Masuku, Kembo Mohadi, etc all these must be forced to retire.

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    you are well over the country’s life expectancy uchiri kudei

  5. Unemployed .You may talk about him to retire fine,but if you start talking about switch sides well i was old enough to know during Smith’s period. They were 3 cartegories.Smith supporters,Guerrilla and then came the undecided. Then during Mzorewa period he had his supporters who later clashed with ZANU PF and they later fizzled and joined ZANU PF.Switching sides is no problem.The people who find it difficult are the ones who were holding guns and fighting and intelligence on both sides. Civilians fine.Where do you draw the line.It’s freedom and democracy

  6. He has overstayed his welcome

  7. Yes, you better go. You took too much for the poor, for the development of the province. To me must retire now because sooner is better, look how much cash you took that is for resurfaces of Masekesa-Gudo dust road. I wish you one day drive there, you will see what i mean. I ask about it the other day and some people told me that you Masvingo provincial departments you are the sabotage of this development so i say stop eating people’s money. You corrupted people GO NOW

  8. Clever vakuru magara maziva kuti basa panenge pasisina after elections.

  9. Clever vakuru magara maziva kuti basa panenge pasisina after elections.

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