I am as good as my father: Tsvangirai’s daughter


VIMBAI Java, daughter of the late MDC-T founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has said she had the same leadership qualities as her father and is ready to transform the lives of residents of Glen View South constituency if she wins the upcoming general elections.


Java contentiously won the ticket to represent the opposition party in Glen View South, with her rivals claiming she imposed herself on the constituency.

“I am not new in politics. I represented the party (MDC) in Australia during my time in exile after an attack by Robert Mugabe’s agents at gun point. I have been involved in helping my father mobilise resources for the party, as well as working with him informally in MDC,” she said.

Java said she had already lined up a number of economic empowerment projects for women and youth in the constituency.

“I will pursue projects to empower the youth and women through, vendors’ clubs, road and sewage maintenance and new water pipes such that everyone will have access to clean water so as to curb diseases like typhoid and cholera. These are some of my major priorities,” she said.

“As a pastor, I am prepared to work with the community to create employment for all and turn their plight and take action to solve them for their benefits.”

Java said her wish was to develop the constituency, before dismissing as malicious allegations that she was imposed on the constituency.

“I am the chosen candidate for Glen View South constituency, it’s only that some former MDC members tried to confuse people,” she said.

Java urged Zimbabweans to vote for MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, a youthful politician with the wherewithal to take “Zimbabwe to Canaan”.


  1. Comment…you must enjoy the sweat of your father bcz he was a freedom fighter and I like your courage to campaign for our leader chamisa may god give you success

  2. mom on the looks yes you look as good as your father tsvangirai ,but politics is a different game altogether and the electorate will have the last say in your performance if you are luck to be outsmart the zanoid candidate

  3. It’s called genetics, like father like daughter is quite common, we’ll definitely vote for you with confidence madame as if you are Tsvangirai himself

  4. I think Zimbabwean politics would be more meritocratic if the constitution forbade people from standing for elections in areas they don’t live. It is a fallacy to expect a non-resident to be effective on the ground when community issues arise. We see this all the time….which is why we have too many cases of blatant vote-buying in one shape, form or size.

  5. Toda chizvarwa chemu Glen View isu,someone who knows issues concerning residents of GV.Apa anogara hake ku borrowdale hake kuma surbubs she doesnt even know kuti road ine ma portholes ndeipi.Will vote for a gv resident mp

  6. Toda chizvarwa chemu Glen View isu,someone who knows issues concerning residents of GV.Apa anogara hake ku borrowdale hake kuma surbubs she doesnt even know kuti road ine ma portholes ndeipi.Will vote for a gv resident mp

  7. We will vote for you Vimbai Tsvangirai, i like the guts that you have like your father to stand in for the people.You are a good person and we know you will represent Glen View South with resilience like your father Dr Morgan Tsvangirai.Your father’s legacy has to live and i know you will fulfill his mission to eradicate poverty in Glen View South.I will personally put my vote on you becoz of your character, good attitude towards people of Glen View South.

  8. So it is ok for MDC to have people inheriting offices because they are related to leaders ,it only becomes wrong when it is Zanu Pf . Let us go on this is just pathetic ko adii kutora borowdale kwaanogara ikoko nhai ,Zimabwe politics is just pathetic so

  9. Your father was a man of flesh, specialising in matters of the flesh. COULD THE OPPOSITE BE TRUE ?

  10. Uhhhhh, AYA, ” I am as good as my father” on what nhai Vimbai? We loved Tsvangirai becoz he stood against Mugabe and nothing much. I think you should be yourself and not to try to use the example above as he your campaigning tool, it is wrong. Rova campaign yako and stop using MRT becoz he had his own strategy. You should be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot. You have anumber of factors working against you, the first one obvious is that you are a non resident “MP” aspirant, you have some people within your own party who feels that you were imposed because you are the daughter of the late MRT. Map out a strategy to counter these negatives and some which I did not mention to help you get what you want my dear. You don’t have much time, but you have ample time to sort it out. Good luck my dear !!!!

  11. Vimbai! We are looking forward to an industrialised economy where vending will be the thing of the past. Vending clubs,really! I really suggest that you should revise the issue of vending clubs into more economically viable projects because I want to believe that within the people who are vending, there are university graduates whose skills and knowledge will be put to waste in these clubs. Think bigger and broader, without the box. Things like industrial parks and both home grown and foreign investment should be the drive ma’am.

  12. Same fanana,even if people choose a candidate who was born & lives in Glen View its a waste of time because as soon as that MP receives his/her first paycheck they’ll be happily on their way out of Glen View relocating to Borrowdale

  13. Comment…Zvekuti unenge baba vako izvo zvinoonekwa nevanhu kwete iwe. Unogara GV here? Kana usingagareko ibva watama wonogarako.

  14. Dr Tsvangirai was a father of democracy and his name can not just die. Viva mother l support you for lifting the Tsvangirai light and youts guts to fit in that big shoe. I know you are a natural leader let everyone with a vision support the visionary

  15. Saka losing could be in your DNA kana wakafanana nabambo. Unotokwanisa zvekare sababa vako kushandisa Vanguard kusota vanhu vanokunetsa kuGV! Kurakasha sezvakaitwa Mangoma naWiwa. Biti akapona padikidiki ndosaka asingachati pwee kuna Chamisa. Anotya kukiyiwa nevanguard. But chero ukadaro unodyiwa! Ukutora vanhu vekuGV sevanhu vakapusa kusvika paExtent yokuti vanototi pakati pavo hapana ungatungamira kunze kwako iwe ( a non-resident). Pamwe vakaisvokotsira! Rega tione

  16. All of a sudden everyone has been attacked by ZANU PF and went into exile, and has been representing MDC in Australia, which part of oz in particular. Damned lies meant for villagers

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