Gweru’s Mkoba clinic structures death traps

A GWERU councillor ordered the local authority to pull down wooden structures at Mkoba 1 Clinic which he described as a death trap for both workers and patients.


“We have wooden structures at Mkoba 1 Clinic that were left by a non-governmental organisation,” the city’s ward 9 councillor Gibson Fundira said.

“What I have discovered is that the roofs of the wooden structures are leaky and come into contact with electrical wires, causing the possibility of fire outbreaks. In fact, I once visited the clinic and the nurses there said they feared for their lives and safety, hence the need for urgent maintenance of the structures.”

The wooden structures were mainly used for counselling, treatment of HIV positive patients, with their records also kept there.

Ward 3 councillor, Nokuthula Mbano also weighed in saying council workers were even failing to cut grass at most council properties and on road sides.

Mayor Charles Chikozho said there was need for management to urgently attend to the maintenance of council properties.

Investigations revealed that council buildings, particularly those used by the public, were dilapidated and should have long been condemned as ceilings at both Gweru theatre and Mkoba Hall were about to collapse.

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