Govt appoints SEZ boss

Gideon Gono

GOVERNMENT has appointed Edwin Kondo as chief executive officer of the Special Economic Zones Authority to stimulate both domestic and international investment flows into strategic sectors of the economy.


Board chairman Gideon Gono confirmed the appointment yesterday.

Before his latest appointment, Kondo served as African Discourse, South Africa’s CEO, Turnall Holdings executive marketing director, business consultant and CAFCA marketing manager, among others.

Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Harare’s Sunway City, Mutare and Lupane have been earmarked for SEZ development.


  1. Comment… Sunway city, Harare was desginated SEZ more than 20 years ago. Its all rhetoric.

  2. Individuals seeking relevance from dubious institutions created by Mugabe to appease his praise singers. My foot!!!!!!

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