Doctors blast Mukupe over tasteless ARVs jest

THE Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has blasted Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe for fuelling stigma against HIV and Aids when he made a tasteless jest on radio that opposition People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti had not taken his dose of the life-saving antiretroviral drug before going on air.


Mukupe caused a storm during a live radio debate with Biti last week when he suggested the former Finance minister was incoherent because he had skipped his medication.

This followed Biti’s claims that the Treasury deputy chief was high on drugs.

“For the purposes of denigrating and casting the listenership of StarFM against the person of Mr Tendai Biti, Deputy Minister Mukupe asked Mr Biti if he had taken his anti-retroviral (ARVs),” the doctors lobby group said in a statement yesterday.

“ZADHR reiterates that political leaders must be torch bearers in the fight against HIV and Aids and associated stigma and discrimination. Hon Mukupe’s utterances casts aspersions in this fight.”

The health lobby group added that Mukupe’s remarks could be a microcosm of government’s attitude towards HIV and Aids.

“We believe the lack of appreciation of issues such as the impact of HIV and Aids on the socio-political landscape of the country generally drive the poor financing of the sector. Hon Mukupe, in this instance, personifies such failures. Stigma and discrimination remain a threat to the fight against HIV and Aids and, as ZADHR, we call upon all leaders, political, religious and community alike to take a stand against this vice.”

Mukupe last week also caused another storm after he lost his temper and physically assaulted NewsDay journalist Blessed Mhlanga during another live radio debate.

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  1. Me thinks he should be commended for showing concern over whether Biti had remembered to take his medication. It is said that skipping a single dose can have very serious circumstances.

    1. Eli Drake you are the silliest person to have posted a comment here

    2. Even if Biti was HIV+ he is not the kind of person to be reminded to take his ARVs live on radio. Mukupe stooped very low for someone who is a deputy minister of finance. Issues of someone’s health remain confidential information unless the concerned person decide to disclose such information to the public.

      Mukupe’s utterances are a clear sign that he had lost the debate and decided to get personal. He is just a loose cannon.

  2. Luke Munya Mabika

    Thats the kind of thinking that belongs to the stone age era Eli Drake and all those with ill minds like Mukupe.He is actually sick.If a minister can stoop to such low levels then God help Zimbabwe.He speaks as if he has all confidential information about Biti.Even if he was on arv,what business does he has in divulging it to the public?Can we really trust the country in the hands of such idiots?

  3. enough of this makupe guy lets now leave it to ed to make a decision who knows he may pardon him like what he did to kasukuwera who has not been touched by the police since he came back and same will happen to jonso and zhuwao when there return and its turning out that ed has a soft heart.

  4. Vanhu kana vashaya zvekutaura ngavarege kutukana. Plus uyo journalist ngaachiregawo kuramba achiita shungu dzekunyora nyaya imwechete everyday kunge nyaya dzapera munyika. Biti asatuka vanhu vanoremekedzwa kushaya respect ikoko. Kuudza minister kuti u are a clown and a drunkard shuwa on live radio zvinongoratidza kuti gvnt in waiting yavo ndeyemahumbwe. Minister anomiririra munhu wese muhurumende kwete a political party saka anofanira kungopiwawo ruremekedzo rwake but I am so sorry about mukupe’s utterances which might have fueled stigma against HIV

  5. Eli Drake and Mukupe are all idiots, don’t insult other people’s person as if you are very perfect, who knows maybe you are also Hiv positive, you are very stupid and retrogressive minded.

  6. Mukhupe ainhuwa doro muStudio.

  7. In any case, what’s wrong in being HIV positive. Many are on life saving drugs for ailments like Blood Pressure, Diabetic, etc and the earlier you know about your status the better. Remember HIV does not kill

  8. Dear Mr T Makupe,
    Have you forgotten that your appointing officer is also on ARVs, so are his two deputies. I think you should remind our VP Chiwenga to take his own before reading English speeches, so is Kembo Mohadi, so what does it mean if the head of your party is on ARVs then the whole body is rotten to the core. Iwe you are a woman abuser

  9. Most bigwigs in the Govt are on ARVs and does Mukupe remind all these kuti matora here dose yenyu whenever they meet? He is not acting like someone who knows what people are going through especially those with relative who are positive and are living on ARVs hazvisi zvitsva izvi. Thats not good at all Mr

  10. To be honest Mukupe was really behaving like a drunk clown, he had no proper facts or evidence to back anything he said & lastly his own health doesn’t appear that much better than that of Biti anyway

    1. Gubhi chikunguwo

      Apowo wakunyepa. who looks healthy Biti or Mukupe.

  11. Mukupe is the worst moron to ever masquerade as a Government official.Hezvo tinosangana mupolling booth.

  12. Its a shame that at this time and age a public servant decides to abuse someone live on radio by mentioning his private health status. This only shows Zim is headed for disaster.

  13. Don’t argue with a fool, people might never notice the difference kkkkkkkkkkkk
    Let a fool open his mouth and all rotten meat, vegetables,worms which were taken into the stomach will pour out with stinking odour. kkkkkkkkk case of the pot calling the pot blackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Judgement Day

    Fools are coming home to roost just wait and observe.

  15. Here is a madman with a gun. Mukupe is very dangerous. Watch this space.

  16. Here is a madman with a gun. Mukupe is very dangerous. Watch this space.

  17. Any madman with a gun is very dangerous and Mukupe is one. Watch this space.

  18. that careless statement will cost you half your potential votes MKUPE

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