Civil servants demand to meet ED

CIVIL servants have demanded an indaba with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to raise their concerns over the poor state of affairs in the public sector as well as press his administration to accede to their demands for a 100% salary hike.


The resolution was made during an Apex Council meeting on Wednesday, which was meant to review their negotiations strategies as well as to iron out their differences ahead of the planning indaba with government.

Apex Council vice-chairperson Thomas Muzondo, said the civil servants resolved among other issues, to accept salaries linked to the poverty datum line as well as a review of the housing and rural allowances for rural teachers.

“We also agreed that we want a wage adjustment that will see a least paid civil servant getting not less than $700 which is the poverty datum line. Most importantly, we would want to meet with the President so that we could highlight our challenges as civil servants. Every union should be represented at that meeting,” Muzondo said.
“Some of the resolutions which we made include the issue of vacation for our teachers. The government had offered to pay teachers in exchange of their leave days, but the payment was to be made in staggered form, we have said, let such payments be a once-off dispatch.”

The government had offered a 15% pay rise up from an initial offer of 10% to its workers, but the civil servants were reluctant to take the offer demanding more.
The offer was to be effective on July 1.

The government had also agreed to pay teachers, who were shortchanged by the vacation leave ban, cash-in-lieu for the accrued days effective from July, but in a staggered manner.

But the workers want the payment to be once-off.

The State had also agreed to reduce rentals on its houses to a figure which is not more than the housing allowances workers receive.

Attempts to get a comment from Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, the minister in charge of the civil service in the Office of the President and Cabinet were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Muzondo said at least 12 unions were represented at the meeting and their resolutions will now be tabled at the negotiating table with
government at a date to be announced.


  1. Fire 75% of them, pay the rest a decent wage and then demand proper work from them. Most civil servants (except teachers) are used to being lazy and paid for less than half a days work. Make them accountable for the work they do and see how more can get done with way less people!

    1. Are you crazy?

  2. May all those who have reached retirement age go home, There is need to remove people like Cecilia Alexander from leading the negotiating team. She is highly compromised.
    To the negotiating team, when you are afforded a chance to meet His Excellency, please present to him a simplified model of monthly budget for a civil servant and get advice on how to fund it. Pse be respectful, frank, objective and go straight to the point to save time for his tight schedules.

  3. The Ball was set rolling when Warvets demanded and got an audience with the President, then it was the Chiefs turn now civil servants its a very dangerous trend to segment society that way. How about the rest of citizenry who are suffering the most and have no representation. Also by meeting them personally ED is admitting failure by his subordinates and his government.

  4. mateacher l encourage u to campaign for change this administration will not meet ur demands

  5. Experience, if you feel most civil servants are lazy except teachers, then let the teachers come and mann all Government offices and we can see how good they are.

  6. civil servant

    The State had also agreed to reduce rentals on its houses to a figure which is not more than the housing allowances workers receive.

    The government is robbing its employees charging $350,00 as rent on a servant earning $420.oo. Surely this is slavery.

  7. ED’S Government should treat civil servants equally.Ma doctors ne ma Nurses vakapiwa mari iri nani.What about other government departments.Treat us the same.Come july bhora musango.

  8. Not all civil servants must earn that much, ye police inofanira kutodzika havasi kushanda vanhu vaya

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