Chitungwiza councillors want Well Cash debt collectors out

Chitungwiza Municipality town clerk George Makunde

CHITUNGWIZA has resolved to cancel private debt collector, Well-Cash Debt Collectors’ contract, claiming the deal was sealed without considering the plight of affected residents and when most of the councillors were on suspension.


The resolution was made during a full council meeting on Friday when councillors urged the local authority to consider other debt recovery initiatives such as negotiating debt payment terms with ratepayers.

They accused the Madzudzo Pawadyira-led commission, which was in charge of Chitungwiza’s affairs, of unleashing debt collectors on unpaid residents without considering their plight.

“When the tenders are being awarded, they first look at whether there is a benefit, then it’s awarded, if we are doing something it should be for the progress of our town, regarding the issue of Well-Cash I do not want to see this animal,” councillor Musa Makweza said.

Town clerk, George Makunde, then appealed to the councillors to give him up to next week to be appraised on the matter and thereafter set up a special council meeting to deal with the issue, as there might be challenges related to contractual obligations.

Makunde resumed duties last week after he was also “fired” in October by the commission before the councillors last month ratified a recommendation made by government to reinstate him.

“If we are to raise the issue and fully exhaust it now becomes a little bit difficult because they maybe issues of contractual obligations and also how it arose, so they are pros and cons relating to the matter it may raise problems because of contractual obligations.

Makweza then added that in that case, Well Cash should stop serving people with letters of demand until the matter had been resolved.

Council also reinstated a resolution on the provision of two graves per councillor would “recommend for burial of deceased destitute per month from his or her ward with immediate effect”.

The Madzudzo Pawadyira commission’s contract was terminated by the Local Government minister July Moyo on March 26. As according to law there was sufficient quorum to conduct council business following the acquittal of 13 councillors.


  1. Handiti Wellcash yacho yakatoita mari kare,sakangavabude muno mu Chitungwiza nhasi chaiye.Vatore mapepa avo ese vaende.Vanhu ava vakaisa fear mumusha uno.Makanzura,pamberi nebasa ramurikuita.Werokeshi ngainopuwa mari ne komishini yakavapa contract.

  2. Manje ini ndakatotora chikwereti kuti ndiripe chikwereti che wellcash. Vanhu ava varoyi chaivo.

  3. If there is anything that does not make any sense at all it is the belief that cashflows can be boosted by hiring the needless debt collectors. How can a sane person expect a defaulter to afford debt with the collector’s extra charges when they are genuinely failing to service unadjusted arrears, it boggles not only my mind but many I should think so. Handing over of innocent rate payers to these carnivores by the previous owners of that entity was a sure sign of kupererwa chaiko even idiots would turn green with envy. This is the time for patience brothers and sisters and not the time to scout for cheap things attached by the messenger of court.

  4. why zanu pf corrupt officials vasingaguti mari. paul mangwana, pliz nyarao. we residents of chitungwizA ARE NOT GOING TO PAY A CENT TO PAUL MANGWANA

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