Chihuri says not ready for Parly grilling


PARLIAMENT has finally managed to serve former Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri with summons to appear in the House for grilling over the $15 billion diamond revenue which allegedly went missing in Chiadzwa.


The former police chief this week wrote to the Temba Mliswa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy saying he was ill and would appear before the House when he gets better.

The committee had since early this month been frantically trying to locate Chihuri to summon him to Parliament to face grilling over the alleged missing $15 billion diamond revenue from Chiadzwa gem fields. Chihuri is specifically expected to explain the role played by police in safeguarding the diamonds left behind when government cancelled licences for six mining companies operating in the area.

Mliswa told the House on Wednesday that Chihuri had since responded to the summons, saying he would only be able to clear the air when he gets better.

“Chihuri has written a letter to Parliament explaining his side of the story and he said he was ill,” Mliswa said.

“The letter said he will attend the committee meeting when he gets better.”

Mliswa also said the verdict on Home Affairs Minister Obert Mpofu (former Mines Minister) will also be made by Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda when Parliament resumes sitting next week.

He said the committee had submitted a report to the Speaker detailing Mpofu’s unparliamentary conduct when he was questioned over the missing diamond revenue.

Mpofu declined to take questions from the committee, demanding that Mliswa should recuse himself and stop chairing the proceedings.

Mpofu alleged that prior to the committee’s investigations, Mliswa had Nicodemusly visited his rural home to discuss the issue. But, Mpofu failed to say what exactly was discussed by the two.

“The Speaker (Mudenda) will make a ruling on Mpofu and it should be disposed of by next week. It is not an issue which has been swept under the carpet,” Mliswa said


  1. ED administration is rubbish.Who will have confidence in a gvt from a party with officials who have no respect for property rights.
    ESAU MUPFUMI from Mutare forcibly took a Chikanga Primary School bus to ferry ZANU PF Idiots to a ground breaking ceremony in Bocha.He also demanded fuel from the poor school.He insulted the school Head in front of kinds because she was saying she could not release the bus coz it belongs to the parents through the SDC.
    Given such a scenerio do you think investors will have confidence with the ED administration NEVER.

    Worse still the utterances by idiot Mukupe.Mukuvahotera zanu muchaiona nhamo

  2. Well, i hope the letter by Chihuri was accompanied by a supporting Doctor’s note. And also hope that Mpofu will not get away with just a fine for un-parliamentarian behaviour

  3. So you expecting Mudenda to punish his erstwhile connection, forget and smile, he will find a way absolve him of any wrong doing mark my words. This is zanu at full throttle, nothing has changed, its business as usual. Chinonzi chi face.

  4. Given Temba Mliswa’s seal, I wouldn’t be surprised should the entire parliamentary portfolio committee be taken to Malawi to interview Chihuri there.

  5. Mudenda should first clear his name over his involvement in the Willowvale Motors scanda of the mid to late ’80s. If he is guilty he should voluntarily pay his long overdue debt to society. A good start would be to resign from that post of his.

  6. Mudenda needs to clear his name over his involvement in the mid to late ’80s Willowvale Motors Scandal. If he can not clear himself he needs to pay his long overdue debt to society. A good starting point would be resigning from his post.

  7. ZanuPF is so rotten that its all maggots all over it..Voting for ZanuPF especially when you are just povo like us is probably because you are a money changer and a benefiaciary of all these dirty ZanuPF deals or you are just merely brainwashed..Anyone with brains and who considers the future of his children will never vote for such a clueless and visionless party..The party that lied for 38 years and still lie that they were going to create 2 million jobs..The party that failed to build a single national hospital for 38 years.. The party that introduced electricity load shedding to the country and dirty water and rationing and pot holes in cities..The party that got our soldiers die for nothing in an expensive war in DRC..The party that looted our diamonds and introduced us to Chinese looters who poison our elephants…The list is endless…

  8. Ok Chihuri 2015 kusvika 2017 takashungurudzwa nePolice mari dzavaitora dzaienda kupi? Maroad block yakanga yatova garoziva kuti mupurisa a Noda mari. Chihuri brief case rawaipa Robert Mugabe every Monday raive nei. Kana irimari wakaiwana kupi Mari yemaroad blocks yaienda kupi?

  9. Zimbabweans are going backwards? Why spend precious time on history? Its high we focus ahead. Honourable Mliswa and your team build upwards and not start digging the foundation or else you will waste the povos time and resources since you are getting parliament allowances.

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