Chief Ndiweni’s widow petitions ED

CHIEF Khayisa Ndiweni’s widow, Agnes Masuku Ndiweni, has petitioned President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the stalled installation of her son, Nhlanhla as chief.


Through her lawyers from Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers, the 95-year-old Masuku claimed Mnangagwa had assured her that Nhlanhlayemangwe would succeed his father, who died in 2010, but the process had been stalled by Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu, whom she accused of having a personal interest in the matter.

“On April 12, Your Excellency had given uGogo uMasuku an assurance that the matter of her son’s installation, would now be personally resolved by His Excellency. The Ndiweni clan and uGogo uMasuku were most grateful to receive correspondence to that effect within a week or so. Hence, on your arrival to Bulawayo, uGogo uMasuku was on her way to welcome you to Bulawayo with Chief Felix Nhlanhlayemangwe Ndiweni at the airport,” the lawyers wrote.

“However, this information was relayed late to her since there were sudden changes to Your Excellency’s arrival and she arrived at the airport as Your Excellency was leaving, most unfortunate indeed . . . However, Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni was invited to State House in Bulawayo to meet you on April 26 with some of the chiefs he had met in the morning at the Rainbow Hotel.”

The lawyers indicated that Nhlanhla was barred from meeting Mnangagwa after arriving late at State House, and then, for the fourth time, the traditional leaders department wrote to Masuku that the installation had been indefinitely postponed.

“. . . Hence, on May 3, uGogo uMasuku and some of the Ndiweni clan embarked on a journey to Harare in a bid to see Your Excellency,” only for Masuku to be barred from seeing Mnangagwa.

The lawyers wrote that Masuku was the right person to enlighten Mnangagwa on the Ndiweni clan succession process.

“All the chiefs in Matabeleland North and South passed through her hands, when the late paramount chief was alive. The late paramount chief was a substantive chief for 71 years and by that note, Gogo Masuku retains a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

The lawyers said the vice-president of the National Chief’s Council, Mtshane Khumalo, was enthroned as chief by the late Chief Khayisa Ndiweni.

“Your Excellency, it is not clear how to move forward since it would appear that there are those misleading His Excellency on this matter. The Ndiweni clan and uGogo uMasuku would be most grateful if these outstanding matters could be expedited at an opportune time.”

The lawyers said so far, they have not yet received any response from the Head of State.
The Ndiwenis blame the delays on Mpofu.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    How does Obie Mpofu get involved in chieftainship wrangles?Issues of chieftainship fall in the purview of the local government ministry.Why not concentrate on reforming and modernising the police service which need immediate image sprucing?Uthandi izinto!

    1. Besides, its not govt that chooses who becomes Chief or King in African culture. Its the families or Usendo. Government only endorses what the people have decided. If there is a dispute, it becomes a Court matter – government is never involved at all!

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