Chamisa charms the elderly


MDC ALLIANCE presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa says his government will roll out social and economic programmes to cushion vulnerable groups such as youths, pensioners and the elderly against the harsh economic environment.


Addressing a rally at Bambazonke business centre, Marange, in Mutare West constituency on Sunday, Chamisa said the Zanu PF-led government had abrogated most of its duties, including providing for the needy.

“We want all people above 65 years to benefit from the government in what we will call old age support programme just like what is done in Botswana,” he said.
“The current government has failed to provide basic needs for the elderly. We want all those above 65 years to board public transport for free from buses to trains. (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa should be part of the pensioners and should rest,” he said.

Chamisa also promised to improve the welfare of war veterans who are living in abject poverty.

“We must be ready to go to the State House. As of me, I am ready to go to the State House. The 2018 elections are going to be difficult because they are just as similar with the 1980 elections,” he said.

“I am saying this because former President Robert Mugabe ruled just like dictator Ian Smith and Mnangagwa is just the same and has been Mugabe’s personal assistant for 38 years,” he said.

The party’s Manicaland provincial chairman, David Chimhini hailed Chamisa’s new policy thrust.

“The message by the president is very clear. President Chamisa is saying that everyone should be ready for change, an ordinary person in the rural area is very clear on what they want,” he said


  1. Comment…Chamisa is right in his acknowledgment that the nation Zimbabwe and not Zimbabwe Ruins, owes a lot to the generality of its elderly citizens.

  2. president chamisa you are right we really need a economic-socio change in Zimbabwe we need you president

  3. We surely need change. It pains my heart when i roam the streets of Harare, especially down town, our country is really suffering. What happened to our country?? I just hope that change will surely come. I am not against E.D. but if surely he wanted to bring change it would have happened a long time ago.

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