Carry your own cross, Makandiwa tells accusers

UFIC leader Emmanuel Makandiwa

UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has challenged his accusers, Blessing and Upenyu Mashangwa to stop maligning him and prove their “lies before the courts”.

BY Everson Mushava

In his response to a case in which he is being sued for $6,5 million by the Mashangwas for allegedly causing them loss of business over false prophecies, Makandiwa said there was overwhelming evidence that the couple had were not interested in substantiating their lies, but raise baseless allegations, including labelling him an occult worshipper.

Makandiwa is objecting to a fresh High Court bid by the Harare couple claiming $6,5 million from the clergy.

The couple claim they lost a house to a local building society after they were misled by Makandiwa’s prophecy that their debt to the financial institution would be cancelled miraculously.

The UFIC leader claimed that evidence before the court proved that the Mashangwas fraudulently sold their house twice, culminating in one of the victims, Jemina Gumbo, taking the couple to court.

The raging court case has also revealed that the Mashangwas have been in and out of the courts, with the Judicial Service Commission’s case-tracking and monitoring system revealing they have 28 cases before the courts.

“The applicant’s answer is more name calling and a failure to address the question of whether this claim is a serious claim in respect of which relief is seriously sought as opposed to pure annoyance.” Makandiwa said through his lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri.

“In this matter, I have in my founding affidavit, made specific allegations that the respondents lied in their pleadings in respect of the facts establishing each of their causes of action.

“I have, in my founding affidavit, attached documents and verified my contention that every fact that the respondents allege in their summons and declaration is false.

“The respondents have shield away from answering these specific allegations head on. Did they or did they not plead false facts as founding their cause of action?
“This is the gravamen of the matter. This is what they must respond to. Their failure to do so is an admission of what I have contended. I indeed on the face of the founding affidavit, the application is incontrovertible.”

Makandiwa said he made a principal application on the grounds that the action is not only both frivolously and vexatious, but also a self-evident gross contemptuous abuse of the process of this court.

“We contend on the following bases, that the plaintiffs have deliberately pleaded and founded their purported causes of action on deliberate and easily demonstrable falsehoods,” Makandiwa argued.

“Each of the six claims suffer from predictable failure and so groundless that no reasonable person could ever hope to obtain relief therefrom,
“Allegations of us being fraudsters or people that dabble in the occult or consult n’angas, false and malafide, made for the public gallery, do not take to simple question of whether they told the truth or not in their declaration,” the UFIC founder said.


  1. Now it makes sense! 28 cases before the courts??? This couple is the real fraudster couple! The courts need to nail them for lying to the courts and even for this double sale of the house. So they want the Makandiwa guy to be the 3rd person to pay for the same house? Crazy people being used by the devil.

  2. the mushangwas allegations of makandiwa being a perfect fraudters aside can this guy tell us the victor of the forthcoming elections.

  3. Whether or not the couple have a solid case is irrelevant. The fact remains that Emmanuel Makandiwa is no true prophet. He rides of fake promises to desperate people.

  4. There are 2 people and 2 spiritual beings that need respect and these should not be fought against:
    1. Never ever fight your own biological mother.
    2. Never ever fight your own biological father.
    3. Never ever fight a True Man of God. Never ever fight a True Prophet of God.Fighting a true Man of God is like fighting with God. & Who has EVER defeated GOD???
    4. Never ever fight God.
    # On earth, your biological mother, your biological father and your spiritual Man of God are the INSTRUMENTS that God uses to BLESS you. God respects LEADERSHIP!!!
    # When you think you are fighting each of the above people/spiritual beings; you will be DECEIVING yourself. Instead you will be fighting yourself INDIRECTLY.
    # To understand what I am saying study/research on people who have fought against the four people/spiritual beings above.

  5. Comment…hey guys if you want to die poor listen these prosperity prophets,you will spent the whole life in church shouting I receive man of god and at the end you lose your money thru giving bcz they coerce you to give your last dollar.these prophets are rich just bcz you pay offering and they do bsn in church and ppl buy bcz they need favour from prophets. Listen if you want to blessings keep your father and mother.above all work very hard .jesus said on last days beware of false prophets. Why are many black prophets esp in zimbabwe and nigeria its bcz of poverty and they want easy money from desperate ppl .

    • True that shumba. Gullible followers blindly follow this self-claimed prophet without using common sense. Makandiwa is jus a skilled orator who uses that skill to convince people that he is a prophet when he is not. these Mashangwas are probably one amount many who yielded to Makandiwa’s trickery.

  6. Comment…if you want to die poor or broke listen to these prosperity prophets ,you will spent the whole life shouting I receive man of god,whilst you receive nothing from them becoz they are fake prophets …… end having spiritual car,house ,wife ,husband ,children Kkkkkkkkk but in real life you have nothing .worship god direct not to go via prophets they milk yu since most of them don’t work

  7. Even when the sun decides to rise from North to South no one and I said no one will choose a church for me. Tithing or offering its coming from me and no man under the sun will tell me how to use my money. Solomon gave a thousand burnt offering its was his cattle and if he chose to burn the alter for his God why worry. An alter can be in any form either human or fire but according to God I have given. Those who go to UFIC have a better perspective of the word than those watching from a far. Shumba you never convince any true son of the prophet by that comment. In fact pamunodai ndoopatinonyanya kuda our man of God because I have learnt that even good thing is fought. Ukaita project yako yematatya haurwiswe asi ngaiite yehove everybody wants to say something

  8. Comment…you disciple you are far from the truth bcz you are blind folded by your false prophets ,study the scripture and know the truth and you will be free.Solomon offer 1000 cattle it was not coming from him but from the whole country ,he was representing the whole community.the time of offering cattle is over bcz jesus offer better sacrifice,he bring new covenant and abolished old covenant full of burn offerings and many rituals and order.the time of old testament prophetic order is over ,everyone is nw priest thru jesus christ.all the old prophets they prophesy coming of messiah but your false prophet wanted to be prophet ezekiel not peter or paul Kkkkkkkkk .

  9. Jesus was God’s alter to redeem mankind. Jesus said the widow gave more than everybody else because she gave her all. If you know the reason why Ananius and Saphira died it was about giving and this was the new testament. The Holy Spirit Himself killed them and this is after the Jesus had died. How did Cornilious got his salvation? It was his giving and the church of Mecedonia was praised because of what. Endai mega kudzichechi dzenyu dzinoti after the death of Jesus no more giving. Ndatenda hangu

  10. Personally, I am very disappointed by our Zimbabwean court system- because of the wide coverage it gives to cases of pure fabrication, like this one- Where Prophets are being accused of things everyone know are lies.

    It’s not a secret again that these complainants have been paid and promised a lot of things simply for taking the Prophets to court.

    Well, this is not the first time our court has raised a similar fabricated case against the Prophets, again engineered from other quarters.

    I am again disappointed by a lot of us Zimbabweans. The way we respond to any public discourse especially against people we feel are going somewhere or are doing something relevant, like the Prophets, we tend to crush, batter, tread upon them with the most unheard of words. This is a disturbing culture we have exuded as Zimbabweans and again it’s wrong. But again, it is well!

    Thanks to these exemplary Prophets who conduct themselves so admirably even against such false accussations!


  11. Many years ago Papa gave a word during Prodigal Son/Spiritual Fatherhood Series “some of you mchandi pandukira” . I never imagined the Mushangwas would be the JUDAS to try bring Papa down. Personally didnt like yr Generic Perfume brand but Papa would encourage us to support you NHASI MKUTI chkati, chkati.

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