Bus operator killed in love triangle


Kurai Coaches bus owner, MacCloud Zvavaviri Mapanga died at his Strathaven home in Harare on Monday night after he was allegedly shot by his United Kingdom-based wife, Bridget Makaza, who accused him of marrying a third wife.


Makaza (34), of 56 Kenworth, Coventry in the UK, yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Nyasha Vhitorini facing a murder charge.

The matter was remanded to today for bail ruling after her lawyer, Tungamirai Muganiri, unsuccessfully challenged her placement on remand, arguing his client had been detained for more than the stipulated 48 hours before being brought to court .

It is the State’s case that on May 14 this year at around 3am, Makaza who was angry over Mapanga’s decision to marry another wife and drew a pistol before fatally shooting the bus operator three times with a revolver while he was deep in his sleep.

In a bid to cover up the offence, Makaza allegedly screamed for help, claiming they had been attacked by robbers.

Neighbours rushed to the scene following the alleged false alarm, but Makaza drove off and dumped the firearm along Mukuvisi River before proceeding to Mabelreign Police Station, where she filed a robbery report.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


  1. whoever brought this idea of marriage made a very big mistake. it makes people feel that they own other people. you just meet someone after 20/30/40 years of living…and they claim that because of a certain piece of paper, they own you…and you are suddently their other half! what crap! so you lived so many years without another half of yourself?

    • Well said no one owns anyone if you feel that you have been given a raw deal just move out of the marriage and start a new life rather than killing someone who is even a stranger to you

  2. She watches a lot of crime stories in the UK and thought she was clever enough to get away with it in Zimbabwe. She forgot about the word divorce. Chikuribi will serve her right.

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  4. Sometimes these long distance marriages are no good, the husband was already a wealthy man enough here in Zim such that there was just no need for the wife to be based all the way in the UK. If man & wife can’t be together, even for the sake of hardship, then bad results are bound to happen soon or later

  5. But why kill someone simply because he wants to marry another wife when you can simply leave him. one should know that one`s partner is someone`s son, brother uncle and relative. How selfish.

    • she could have been very supportive of the business and then things as they start to move on another girl comes.

  6. Pongo you have guts indeed. It is God himself who instituted marriage in the garden of Eden. The same God, who allowed you to live up to the point of ability to write thoughtless comments. Yes the same God who is allowing you eyes to read and fingers to type. So God made a mistake? If your own marriage is mess, sorry. Others like me are enjoying, and yes i’m accountable to my spouse just as in any other relationship.

  7. Chawagona hapana jeri re Bindura.Welcome to sadza nema gwavha sister staple food yeku Jeri.

  8. Ngozi ichamudzidzisa chikoro, kachapedzisa dzinza. plus she was the second wife (Mistress) nxaaaa

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