ZITF filling up fast

THE Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company has sold 91% of its exhibition space, 6% up from last year’s figures, as preparations for this year’s edition of the premier trade showcase gather pace, an official has said.


The trade showcase will run from April 24 to 28, under the theme Sustainable Industrial Development-Inclusive, Competitive, Collaborative.

“Market response to the sales and marketing campaign to date has been strong. Due to overwhelming demand, the amount of space made available for exhibition purposes has been increased by 6% from the 2017 figure and 7% from 2016,” ZITF chairperson, Ruth Ncube told journalists at a Press conference in Bulawayo on Thursday.

“Of this area availed, 91% has been booked to date, placing us at 104% of last year’s closing total. In terms of exhibitor numbers, we are currently sitting at 454 direct exhibitors, which is 27% higher than last year’s closing total of 356 direct exhibitors and 35% higher than the booking situation at the same time last year.”

She said space uptake by foreign exhibitors had also been good with 18 nations being represented at the fair.

“We have also seen an increase in the number of new local exhibitors as 25% of the 454 direct exhibitors, who have confirmed participation will be participating for the first time. This, to us is pleasing, because it is indicative of an improved trading environment and renewed impetus to complete in the global market,” Ncube said.

To date, Ncube said, they had confirmed national exhibits from Botswana, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia, while China, Cyprus, Germany, Ghana, India, Namibia, Malaysia and UAE will be represented by individual companies from those countries.

“The international exhibits will cut through a number of sectors including education, mining, aviation, transport, food, clothing and textiles, packaging materials, event management and cultural exchange programmes.

“It is interesting to note that this is the first time we will be hosting exhibitors from the UAE as our agent in that country has mobilised exhibits by producers of energy products,” she said.

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  1. Another futile effort to paint a positive picture, there is a huge gap between the proclaimed figures and whats obtaining on the ground typically zanupf way of doing business. Bulawayo wouldnt be a ‘ghost city’ if these figures had an iota of the truth

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