Zimbos in SA ready to return after Chamisa triumph

Johannesburg — Thousands of Zimbabweans who attended MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s rally in Thembisa, Johannesburg, last week said they were ready to catch earliest bus back home as soon as the opposition leader is declared winner of this year’s presidential race.

By Shadreck Maririmba in Johannesburg

Some Zimbabweans who travelled as far as Nelspruit, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth said they came strictly to meet the MDC Alliance principals to tell them that they were fed up of living in South Africa.

Kelvin Kufakunesu from Nelspruit said Zimbabweans were tired of doing menial jobs and living far from their families.

Speaking during the rally, MDC-T youth secretary for South Africa, Oscar Madanhi said most young people had registered to vote and would certainly return to Zimbabwe on election day.

“Some are even rounding up their operations in preparations for the elections. If Chamisa wins, most people are going to leave South Africa for good, including myself,” Madanhi said.

“The reason why we are here is because Zanu PF ruined our future and for one to think that (President) Emmerson Mnangagwa will give us reason to come home if he wins is actually day-dreaming. To start with, he is the architect of the economic chaos in Zimbabwe for the past 38 years. So he has no solution to the problems he caused.”

The rally, which was addressed by alliance principals among them Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube, attracted over 5 000 people.

Biti said there was need to protect the vote in order to give hope to the youth.

“If conditions for free and fair elections are not there, elections are not going to take place,” Biti told the cheering crowd.

“Among the conditions is removing the army from Zimbabwe Election Commission and rural areas where they have been deployed to intimidate voters.”

Trust Ndlovu, who is the MDC Alliance co-ordinator in South Africa, said the youths were eager to return home if Chamisa wins the election.

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  1. that will be maybe 2023 ladies and gentlemen and again there will be problems then because guvheya will then be preparing to get into the hot seat so in summary it maybe never hence you will be is SA until amen

    1. ED has no real support. He is not fit to run for office.

  2. Ed has my vote. Only waiting for the election day. already registered unlike madinga eMDC Alliance anogona kungotaura asina kuregister uye arikunze kwenyika uye asingazouyi kuzovhota. What matters unozovhota here. Me, my family and my community waiting for the day and we will give ED our votes

  3. Then you will not came back home if that is the case

  4. It is high time those who claim ED has got no real support present tangible evidence to prove their claims. Unless and until such evidence is availed, it will be mere rhetoric that has been regurgitated, copied and pasted ad nauseum and ad infinitum from forces inimical to ED’s presidency. May the general election show all and sundry who has got the real and bigger support!

    1. ED has nothing to offer Zimbabwe. Your relatives are wailing in abject poverty because of ZANU. Shame on you.

    2. The evidence is that ED has never won an election, he relied on appointments from his boss Mugabe for development of his political career. That is why he kind of have a soft touch towards Mugabe. Which parliamentary seat did ED win in the last 15 years?

      1. Never in a thousand years so declared someone just before conceding defeat…. Never say never my friend Nero is losing ground at a fast rate ngaasiyane nekunyepa pese pese. The majority of people don’t take lying lightly we are largely a Christian nation remember.

        On a lighter note though its so sad that these guys will never come back home. KKkkkkkk

  5. ngavagare ikoko anovada ndiani kuno

    1. its the reason why ukuchema nenzara have facts on voting how many cars were bought for chiefs maybe if thatgoich was used to develop our country money r buy you somemedicines in hospital it was okae ,the prob why you still want to vote for that guy its because hausaty wafa nenzara with your fam those in south africa re earning a living

  6. U’re ready to catch the earliest bus once Chamisa is declared winner ahh nxaa. U want us to work for yu while u’re sleeping there isu tokumirirai muQue tokuvhoterai iwe kana kuregista kwacho hauna ahh iwe KUFAKUNESU UNOPEEEENGA UNOPENGA

  7. Why would ED and Company change anything when they are the same people who led us into this mess.

  8. #Generational Approach

    This election is about the people of Zimbabwe. We’re fed up for real and its time change from that old generation. Imagine ED’s cabinet having 14 people out of 21 who are at least 70 years and above, why would these old grannies and grandpas still bother to make the highest decisions for the masses of Zimbabwe in particular this generation 40? WHY? Same same with their icon Mugabe, they want to die in office. Useless #Bloody Soldiers who are now running this country like a barrack. ED is just an Army plan representing their interests in every way. ANYWAY ADONIJAH WILL NOT SURVIVE IN THIS ELECTION

  9. it is Mugabe’s cabinet that ED is still using, nothing has changed. the same corrupt leaders are still in charge. If ED was serious about change he should have fired a lot of ministers who have been incompetent and corrupt for more than 30years. It makes sense for those in the diaspora to return when there are new faces in leadership, the old mafia never change its tricks.

  10. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    Eliasha kkkkkkk, you told them as i should be. I hope they will listen. They expect us to get rid of ZANUPF for them, whilst they are busy earning their Rands. ED has nowhere to go. Chiwenga is still in the running for the leadership post. Chamisa will rule only in your dreams and also in his dreams. Tough lucky you cowards

  11. garai ku goli ikoko motodzoka mava harawa nechembere

  12. hapana asingafarire kugara munyika make asi mese munoziva maomero ayanga yaiita zimbabwe ndosaka vanhu vakatizira goli. zvaibatsirei kutarisana tose mumba tichafa nenzara, vazhinji vari kurarama nemari dzediaspora. chakakosha kugadzirisa nyika.

  13. The problem with Politics is that, with the freedom to support whomsoever people prefer, once the one who wins messes up; those who were so vocal in supporting him disappear and are no longer available to engage in debates on the mess they created through their choice. Whites who supported Ian Smith disappeared; Whites who supported apartheid all disappeared, and now most whites deny they ever supported it. Shonas who supported Mugabe also disappeared. Similarly, those who now support Mnangagwa, despite his ruthlessness and corruption in the past, will all disappear when he doesnt deliver and starts oppressing them. They will never admit they ever supported him. Watch the space!

  14. 2018 ZANU PF CHETE

    Anenge avhoterwa nani imimuri kunyika dzevamwe.

  15. Independent Taps

    Listen. Let’s face reality. ED will never win a presidential election not even in your dreams my friend. Zanu has deployed a few pple who are om the internet to cause cayos in the country and in the forthcoming elections. These pple comment on posts such as these and they earn a monthly salary(peanuts for that matter), I know one Tedias from Kuwadzana, who said he ended up quitin because he saw that supporting zanu with all the mess they have caused is putting her 3 little children in a messy future. He started his own tuckshop, with the peanuts zanu used to give him now, he has two tuckshops.

    Zanu uses money, to get support. Also in epworth one guy, campaighning to be a councilor in the zanu pf party was giving loans to pple so dat he gets their vote. But most pple have brightened up intellectually, they won’t let zanu trick them this time.

    Face reality my frends, zanu will only win via vote rigging, and that is wat will happen obvious. And the country will still remain in economic turmoil.

  16. Kkkkk. Manje muchavorera ikoko. Nyeperanai henyu, matofo. #EDhasmyvote#

  17. ngatifambetione

    Every1 is free to support waada but remember 5 years is around the corner..Hope tichaonanazve pano kana ED ahwina taakubvunzana kuti ndizvo here zvoita nyika..Cos surely I know nothing good will come from this mafia.Vaisupporter Mugabe vaya vati zii zvino..watch the space

  18. please those in SA WHO WANT TO COME BCK AFTER chamisa wins keep daydreaming.you can stay there we dont need you .when you come to ZIm you will see next year that ZIm will have changed for the better.we love ED and he will win .if you want another mugabe vote chamisa dont forget Grace is bankrolling his party in secret i know because i am privy to the issue .politics is a dirty game

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