Zanu PF youth league takes aim at Chamisa

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa and his national executive needed to go through Zanu PF’s Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology for them to learn how to run a political party, ruling party deputy youth league leader Lewis Matutu said yesterday.


Matutu told journalists at a press briefing that Chamisa had been fanning violence at his rallies by feeding youths with alcohol before they turn on each other in brutal fistfights.

He said the opposition party leader had no “a sense of direction” and was welcome to go through Zanu PF’s ideological orientation.

“Chamisa doesn’t understand what it means to be a leader and what it means to build (or) work for an economy. He doesn’t understand how to run a political party, this would probably push me to think that indeed he is an illegitimate leader as no political party would like to be led by such a person,” Matutu said.

“We are also appealing and inviting Chamisa and his executive to attend the Chitepo School of Ideology so that they get some orientation on leadership. It’s open to all Zimbabweans, including Chamisa, and the whole of the MDC-T leadership. We have already consulted the principal (Munyaradzi) Machacha and he has agreed. Chamisa needs to attend lessons on the founding principles of a nation maybe he can be groomed and mentored into a leader.”

Chamisa rose to power in chaotic circumstances that followed founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s death on Valentines’ Day. A vicious power struggle pitting the youthful Kuwadzana East lawmaker against co-vice presidents Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri ensued.

Mudzuri later relented and accepted Chamisa leadership, while Khupe was fired and leads an MDC-T splinter group, with a legal battle over the name of the party now underway at the High Court.

Matutu accused the MDC Alliance presidential candidate of abusing the youths with alcohol.

“As youth league we denounce the gospel of violence that he [Chamisa] has been preaching and spreading all over, in-as-much as we are Zanu PF youth league we take the responsibility of our colleagues who are being abused in other political parties.

“We hear of crango, musombodia (illicit imported brews) nema (and) super (local millet beer) so that they can shout and fight each other. We have seen what has happened in Bulawayo and we think that Chamisa should stop abusing young people and he should respect their rights,” Matutu

“That they support other parties like MDC or Mavambo (Kusile/Dawn led by Simba Makoni) does not mean they lose their rights. These youths have rights and we will not allow a situation where they are continuously abused.”

The Zanu PF youth leader slammed Chamisa for promising Zimbabweans “pies in the sky”.

“The promises he is making at rallies are an insult to Zimbabweans. Yes, bullet trains can be established, but not in an economy like ours. We need to develop to a certain level first,” he said.


  1. Fuck you Lewis Matutu together with your useless and clueless zanu pf party.When your party lashed out a bloodbath in 2008, your so called youth were compensated in the form of beer to kill MDC supporters,so what shit are you talking about-you witch?

    1. kusatonyara why obscene launguage

      1. So now you Matutu and Zanu Pf have all of a sudden become ambassadors for peace not forgetting that you are the same people that victimized people in 2000 and 2008 election and you have never showed an form of respect for human rights. Why Zanu Pf is not focusing on what they are going to deliver to the electorate but instead you buys poking your nose in Chamisa’sbuz

    2. All posts from MDC hoodlums on this platform have one thing in common: vulgar words!! That’s the language of perennial losers and I’m happy you will be walloped in July/August.

      1. But the behaviour and actions of ZANU PF are not those of people confident of winning in July/August. There are many political parties and opposition leaders in Zim. If I am not mistaken, there are about 105 Political parties. But then why are you ZANU PF people targeting ONLY the MD-ALLIANCE and its leader Chamisa? Why him, not others? Liyamesaba!!

        1. exactly. they are targeting the biggest threat

    3. Contrary to the silly and childish protestations from MDC nerds, enrolling for reorientation classes at the Chitepo School of Ideology will do their wild and blundering leader a whole lot of good!!

    4. aaaah ilanguageipi iyi i guees yuri we MDC T….it really proves kuti mukapihwa chitanda munotipidza mudondo…ruremekedzo runobva mumatauriro ako #NyikaIngaKuraHere

    5. Kumukira kutuka munhu ndokupererwa. Why did Chamisa say he would engage youths of Mbare to demonstrate? Why did Chamisa side with employers in the ZUVA case of 2015. The youths are right, Chamisa is behaving like a toddler and needs schooling to lead, turning 40 does not mean that one is now a national leader. You cannot put Chamisa in the same class with the French leader just because they are in the same group. The French leader at 40 is very mature, Chamisa at 40 is still on village politics and hooliganism. My position is that Chamisa and any other politician should not abuse the poor by giving them beer to attend their rallies. Kutoplanner kuti ndichanotora vanhu vekuMbare, why not vanhu veku Greystone Park, Belvedere, Mount Pleasant, Borrowdale or even maemployers shamwari dzake. Chamisa will never be like Morgan, because Morgan had direction, Chamisa is drunk with power and is not worth a national leader.

      1. I think we need to focus on serious issues without criticizing anyone. Some other guy lashed out toxic words against some powerful guy and ended up apologizing continuously like a radio on repeat. ZANU PF or MDC are political parties led by respectable men on whatever capacity so let them compete without you preempting some words that will end up confusing your speech in the near future. U cant tell what’s coming so if u have nothing to say, just say nothing.

  2. Chamisa a very confused person with a lot of empty promises like 15bn, bullet train, tsvimbo yaNkomo, first visit to Nkomo house etc. Worse he refused congress. then woda kutungamirira nyika when you fail to subject yourself to party constitution. Zvino nyika unozoidini

    1. rubbish who stalled development in is zanu.whats so special about bullet can be done but zanu destroyed everything

      1. Mr ass.can u act like a learned youth who got a tertiary education level.

        Zims GDP stands under 20 billion a year,while gvt annual budget is at around 5 billion.

        how on earth do u fund a project worth 30 billion USD.

        come on don’t think with ur ass think with ur brain.

        chamisa is just a mere lawyer,he has no understanding of development and economics, and it sounds like he doesn’t even take any advice from specialist in that can tell from the impromptu speeches during his rallies

        mind u bullet train projects have been denied by many developed gvt like the USA,as unresolvable projects

    2. kkkkkk let us not talk of empty promises kkkk ,ndokubasa kwezanu pf manje ikoko 2000 jobs dziripi iwe KIlo dzatakapromiswa nezanu?kkkkkk ko kubvisa munhu ne coup kuva subject to the part constitution here ?kkkkk nyarara kkk kilo if u have nothing to say.kkkk ukutoona this country ine direction ne Zalacoste here kkkk shame on u KILO,HW OLD A U FOR THAT MATTER KKKK I THINK U A ONE OF THE SHORT SLEEVE thugs to hell with u

    3. heeede says the guys who put Mnanganwa instead of Mphoko as president musade kutinzwa zvedu isu. mune mashavi ehurombe that is why you don’t believe zimbabwe can have state of the art infrastructure.ndosaka tikuti suka mhani to ZANU this country deserves better leadership

      1. Big things start with dreams. under Zanu pf you were stopped from dreaming. Chamisa arikumutsa mweya yedu to start thinking big like what has happened in Rwanda. Its biblical, which most of you Zanoids are out of sync with,believe in yourself. Zimbabwe should have been leading in terms of development. doc we deserve better.

    4. Haa getaway you EDiot, Zanu Pfutsek has destroyed this country. Pakudikwa vanoona tiine mabullet train better, pane anoramba achitenga zvitima zvenguva ya smith kana ashaiwa ma ideas otivhundutsira ne riberation straguru.

      1. nwewo futi kutaura zvinyadzi mmmm ndanyara

        1. skinner u such an EDiot

    5. Take your time to go through MDC constitution wozopa comment


        What has the constitution to do with Chitepo school of ideology, munhu wese kuna amai was it from Chitepo school of ideology. Moti soja razoramba makutaura zve ideology heh?

      2. ko iwe ukuba zita rangu wakaitwa sei

    6. ko zanu ndiyo inotevedzera constitution? heheede

    7. Umnnnnn. If the performance of the Zimbabwe government is an example of what graduates of Herbert Chitepo School of ideology are capable of delivering, then,umnnnn.Zvakaoma hazvo.

  3. Look who is blabbering tosh… You are the unschooled one! Chamisa does not need to be schooled at ur idiomatic institution totomuda nehugwara hwake he will grow up one day. I wud not destroy my future on an old man never. Pamberi naChamisaa…pasi newe matutu nehama dzako

  4. Nonsense, Zanu Pf is the Father of violence and his sons are Jihadist and Taliban. Those three are related.

  5. Chamisa has a Masters in International Relations. He did political ideologies more than your principal of your bogus college. Shame on you!

    1. Yah true indeed Nelson is educated and to say the least one of the most educated politicians who ranks with likes of Prof Mutambabra, Prof Welshman and Prof Maduku. I think his level of education accords him a status to revise some ideologies in most Zimbabwean Universities such as the University of Zimbabwe, NUST, MSU etc. The young man is good

  6. My rib cage is aching with laughter!! Zanu youth to teach Chamisa leadership issues???

  7. Rather lets call him Lewis Matuzvi. He is shit just look at his face as he talks crap. Lewis Matuzvi l just want want to advise you not to take zim youths and elders for granted. Zanu tavekuiziva maitiro ayo, hatichada tora hama dzako muite zvamoda. Chamisa is well educated than your Ediot moda kumuendesa kuchikoro cheViolence tati kwete haauyiko tomuda akadaro. Finally let me say fuck you Matuzvi.

    1. ahhh your child should be ashamed of your luanguage infact unaYE HERE

      1. iwe skinner nyarara hauna kana nyaya. these zanu Ediots deserve all the vulgar insults they can get

  8. Brati shiti Ruwisi.

  9. Stupid matutu.Empty vessell.You are brainwashed

  10. Siyanana naChamisa wedu.You want him to be brainwashed like you.

  11. rubbish,, poor thinking, Chamisa is more educated than you Matuzvi go hang with your ZANU

  12. The pot calls the kettle black. These masters of deceit who were recently crucifying Mnangagwa for Mugabe should be the last people to talk of ideology. Their’s is well documented. Just the other day, Chipanga was singing for his supper only to denounce his master when things turned sour. Go back to the drawing board and revise what you are talking about. Ideology is a big shoe for Zanu PF.



  13. kkkkkk uyo ruwisi matoto siyanai naye kkkk iyouth ye MDC here yaipisa vanhu nekuuraya pa2008 pakahwina MDC kkkkk ,MATOTO WE HAVE THE RECORDS SHAAA hapana zvaungataura.

    1. Matutu tell the nation the truth please if you are short of words why can’t you keep zii than than to feed the nation with liars when and where chamisa abused the youth except you and your party tosay the truth

  14. Akazvagwa nekuburi rimwe riya akabuda achinazvira matuzvi,thats why achinzi Lewis Matuzvi. They think Zanu is still popular go fuck your mother shaa LEAVE CHAMISA ALONE. Tables will turn one day tichakubatai zvedu.

  15. I will not waste my energy on this chap – can only say ngaatigarire pasi

  16. Ruwisi Matoto ehuku chaiwo kkkkkkkkkkkkk. We cannot compare you with Chamisa in terms of thinking and reasoning. Remember Chamisa has the ball and is about to score and everyone ones to mark him including Ruwisi Matoto and his party.

  17. Ruwisi Matoto ehuku chaiwo kkkkkkkkkkkkk. We cannot compare you with Chamisa in terms of thinking and reasoning. Remember Chamisa has the ball and is about to score and everyone wants to mark him including Ruwisi Matoto and his party.

  18. Aaaagh, in as much as find Matutu’s comments rather misplaced, as everybody knows how Zanu Pf abused the Border Gezi youths, we do not have a right to insult each other when disagreeing. This is what brews violence, especially when dealing with people of very low intellectual capacity.

  19. Zanu pf and its support base are apes,monkies and baboons.2013-2017,this is normal a five year term,what have zanu pf done so far,where is the 2.2 millions jobs that was their main campaigning tool manifesto? Shuwai Mahofa,has been saying that,no outsiders will take jobs during Masvingo-Harare road dualization,god punished her by death because of her evil deeds although zanus played a big role in her passing away.Zanu pf and supporters,god will and shall punish you in different forms,but you don’t learn how life turns into sour grapes-fuck you all zanus.

  20. This young man we Zanu PF doesn’t know Chamisa. I think he needs a one on one debate with him to be found unwise. Kana vana Chiwenga vakapinzva chikoro na Chamisa mu parliament what about this young uneducated guy.

  21. I wonder if Lewis Matutu went to that school. Chatoziva zanupf ideology was ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’ now its ‘kutonga kwaro,’ ‘kurakasha’ I don’t know what that ideology is all about.

  22. The moneys Mugabe said are missing from diamond fields are now coming in form of cars loaded with PA system kuzotiitira ruzha vanhu vachifa ne cholera, that is how careless zanupf is and if that is what comes from Chitepo School of Ideology then God have mercy upon us.

  23. HE talked about Chamisa not able to run the Economy, ZANU yacho yakagona Chii?

  24. Ko zvinyadzi ndozvineyi imi ma MDC youths mu family newspaper. Can you not disagree in a civil manner???? Shame on you. The electorate is watching

  25. Handina kana one chandinoyemura chinoitwa nevanhu veBorder Gezi ma”Green Bomber “. Urikutaura kuti Chamisa ngaende kunopfonorwa musoro pfutseke mhani. Handidi kunzwa kana hama inoenda ikoko. Kana munext door wangu chaiye.

  26. I wd like tell you Chamisa idiots kuti you may rave and bray like the donkeys that u ur….but ka party kenyu hakasikuzohwina ma elections…u cn climb pamsoro peGomo…muchizhambatata kuti Chamisa ndewedu..but come election day tirikuisai nekumashure…..muri vakadzi vedu…MDC-T is our BITCH…so come August u idiots will be tweeting venting ur frustrations on social media,,bitching about rigged elections and the lyk,,,but isu tinenge tichikutongai tichitora ma inputs e command ne vakadzi venyu..imi muchikuvara ne bitterness….Your circus has been entertaining but zvekutonga imbokanganwai

  27. BASTARD MATUTU just shut up you hypocrite,murderer,rapist, robber, instigator of violence,blood sucked blood during Gukurahaundi and recently in 2008, what can you tell us you zanu thugs,to hell with you

  28. But NewsDay, as a paper are you supposed to merely parrot as ‘news’ whatever propaganda a politician spews? You have uncritically reproduced the Zanu man’s propaganda, and if that should be your model of reporting, even genocidists can use you as their megaphone since you just reproduce whatever claims anyone makes!

  29. Chipembere Chadyamukonde

    Thsis shows how Zanu youths are easily indoctrinated and get carried away with whoever is inpower, the same people who were saying “munhu wese kunaAmai’ are the same unrepentant guys saying EDiot has my vote. Wake up ZanuPf, just see a new zimbabwe with bullet trains



    Zanu pf makakundikana zvachose hatituki kana kuuraya vanhu sezvamakaita imi mumamkore mashoma apfuura uye makauraya future yevana. ini pachangu ndoti zanu mune chiororo chinouraya zanu ipapo chinonzi Chamisa Nelson mwana wepaGutu apo come 2018 harmonised elections. Chisa mbama chisa taneta nekuzvuviwa nezanu iyi. Matutu kura wanzwa here

  32. Comment…chamisa uyo hapana zviripo. akaramba congress coz idofo. ndiHitler uyo. ZANU pf akanga akapa mr Mugabe Robert nemukadzi wake ms grace. pamberi nekutonga. ZANU pf

  33. This really shows there is something wrong with the psyche of Zimbabweans, especially its youth. I had thought that the rise of a young Chamisa at the age of 40 would trigger unimaginable excitement and 100% support from the young people of that sad country; but alas, it looks like they are all still content with the leadership of a 76 year old geriatric. What is even more galling is that most of these young people have never had any prospects of proper employment under the same ZANU PF party they continue to support since they were born, post 1980. Some are now married and have never had a proper day job. All they have known is selling airtime, sweets; fruits and vegetables. Shame really!!

  34. Matutu e madhoti

  35. Matuzvi ako matutu .if you went to ECD surely, would have realised that the looted $15 billion could actually deliver the bullet trains . you are so stupid and uneducated idiot who needs orrientation

  36. Really MDC T has disappointed a lot of people, you mean such a huge party could not afford to get a mature leader after Tsangirayi? ? Or a least hold a congress to do all things acceptable to everyone. No strategy at all. As for the rally at White City Byo where people were adressed in a language they dont understand it shows totally disrespect. How can you adress Bosso supporters in Dynamos language? Lots of votes gone already due to all this stupidity

  37. Comment…
    wese achiri kusuporta zanu idhongi except isu vana vemawar vets tinosuporta zanu nekuti yakatibhadharira fees kubva kare , tichifoira tichidzokorora tadzokororazve kusvika its time to return the loyalty nomatter how bad zanu is tovavhotera hatisi macoward

  38. MATUTU keep quiete .you are destroying the economy of the country from Mugabe erra to Mnangagwa .Thus the same .Give power to others who cares for the nation rather than feeding yourself while the rest of Zim are sufferring

  39. Zanu pf is totally a disgrace in our lives and to the entire world.Zimbabweans,please it is high time up to change because these zanus are totally nonsense,heartless and have closed eyes and eyes. Tell me,when and where was ED Mnangagwa and his deputes,Mohadi Kembo and Chiwenga got elected at a Zanu pf congress? Why are they talking bad about Chamisa’s ascending to being an MDC-T leader? After the fall of their evil leader Mugabe,did zanu pf held a congress,if not,why are zanus so arrogant? What good has they done in Zimbabwe? After all,Mugabe is holding 21 farms single handedly without developing zimbabwe. With the bad hearts and minds zanus are, i see Zimbabwe burning ashes years to come because we can not be kept held back at one position by these useless bastards.Time will tell i bet you.

  40. Cut-goat-curry

    We see you Trevor Ncube spewing propaganda on behalf on Zanu rapists and murderers,wakarwadziwa nenyaya yaKhupe panaChamisa unowanza tribalism.

  41. Where can I find this item called Matutu. I have run out of manure for my onions in the garden. Ndinoda Matutu akawanda emanyowa veduwe for my garden where they can be useful

  42. Huyevo vatsigiri ve MDC-TC vakanzwa Chamisa achitsoropodzwa vanotukirira nezvinyadzi kuita sevatsigiri vaMugabe

  43. Politics does not mean being enemies to opposite ideas and lets be politically mature like other developing countries since we are ranked one of the most educated people the world over. Remember elections come and go but we still have relationships to nature and maintain as a nation. Chamisa and Mnangagwa are not exchanging vulgar words and the next thing we see them winning and dinning together whatever the out come of election results, yet each of you might not see each other eye to eye. Do we like to sink such low in the guise of elections. Shame on us.

  44. he he he huya uone mazanu aya takarasima nemupfana wechidiki chamisa.ane bhora ndiye anomakwa zvino chamisa ndi Lionnel Messi wepoliticks haamakiki munokuvara nekupinzwa madeya.garayi neharahwa dzenyu ana ngwena nana chinotimba isu tichiti bhora mberi nacde WAMBA DIA WAMBA

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