‘Vote for female President’

UNITED Democracy Movement (UDM) leader Violet Mariyacha has called on the electorate to go against the norm and vote for a female presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections, claiming male candidates had a proven poor leadership record.


Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting to elect a new national executive council for her party, Mariyacha said: “Males have been letting us down for long, so I urge you to rally behind a female presidential candidate like me. The people of Zimbabwe really need change and new insights. They now prefer a mother because mothers have a soft touch and heart.

“Age doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take away the brilliant plans I have for Zimbabwe. Many of our aspiring MPs and councillors are youths, so we are guaranteed that victory is certain. Although we are a small party, we are going to field House of Assembly candidates in all constituencies,” she said.

Mariyacha extended the begging bowl to well-wishers to fund her party programmes.

Other UDM executives include chairman Eddington Mugova, secretary-general Andrew Nyati, national organising secretary Sam Mudzimurema, Paul Sakarombe (treasurer-general) and Gerber Ngwere (national information and publicity officer).

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  1. Meticulous Chindakwenya

    Nonsense females have been letting the country down too. Last six years or so before 11/17 Grace was president of this country. And amongst other things she did, she even assaulted her daughter in law in her (Grace’s) home country. That’s unbecoming of a president.

  2. Madam it’s not about gender .It’s about what you can offer on the table to voter.The country is in a mess and needs someone who is very bold and a doer.I know MPs have been able to put food on the table with the money.Please think about the country and it’s how long they suffered not what to have on your CVs.

  3. Well done Madam. We would like to see you in power as the country needs the love and affection of a mother and I have no doubt that you will be a great president. May God bless you, give you wisdom and favour. We look forward to seeing you more.

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