Turbulence hits MDC-T US branch

THE MDC-T’s United States branch has been hit by fierce factional fights following the dissolution of the old executive, which has refused to step down claiming the move was unconstitutional.


The opposition party’s US branch is regarded as one of its key structures.

The new leadership, reportedly led by Zvidzai Ruzvidzo, has claimed it had blessings from the national leadership at Harvest House to replace the old executive led by Dan Moyo.

In a statement, the Ruzvidzo-led executive said they arrived at the decision after realising that the Moyo-led executive was failing to recognise new party leader Nelson Chamisa.

“Concerned with, and recognising as act of rebellion, the refusal of the MDC-T USA executive led by Dan Moyo to recognise and accept the National Council resolutions in aforementioned articles of the MDC-T constitution appointing Advocate Nelson Chamisa as president,” the statement read.

“In a recent interview, Dan Moyo expressed support for (deposed deputy president) Thokozani Khupe, who is no longer a member of the MDC-T.”

Moyo told NewsDay yesterday that the “supposed” new executive was a nullity. He dismissed the group as bogus and bent on causing confusion within the party.

“There is no substance to this whole thing. As far as we are concerned, that is a nullity and a non-event because what they did was not guided by the party constitution,” Moyo said.

“These are a bunch of individuals who are not even members of the party. They just decided to sit under a tree and dissolve the executive, claiming they had blessings from Harvest House. We don’t recognise this structure and, as a matter of fact, these are individuals who have been trying to create parallel structures for a long time.”

Since the death of its leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February, the party has been thrown into serious party contestations that have led to the expulsion of Khupe and other senior leaders from the party.


  1. You’ve been screaming about “turmoil” and “imminent splits” ever since Trevor Ncube embarked on his futile quest to destroy the MDC over a decade ago. Where has that gotten you?? Try just reporting the news not fighting for silly elitist agendas..

  2. Trevor Ncube,Thokozani Khupe, Dan Moyo. What a smelly rat.

  3. @Anonymous, smell the rat in your oversized butternut head!!!

  4. divided we fall united we stand

  5. “The opposition party’s US branch is regarded as one of its key structures.”

    ….is regarded by WHO. load of rubbish! Hogwash news. This yr MDC is in regardless of negative news being spread around.

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