Team Fusion releases second album

A GREAT Zimbabwe University band, Team Fusion, has released its second album, Chingoma, whose official launch is slated for Thursday next week at Charles Austin Theatre, Masvingo.


Chingoma is an eight-track album blending with Afro-pop tunes and Afro-jazz.

Team Fusion’s artistic director, Shadreck Dzingai, confirmed the launch of Chingoma that has come a year after the band released its debut album Dangwe.

“We will officially launch our second album after the debut Dangwe on April 12 at Charles Austin Theatre. A live performance of the new songs will be accompanied by the premiere of five videos that were directed by Willard Slimaz Magombedze,” he said.

Dzingai said Dangwe paved the band’s way into a tightly contested music industry. It has already dominated the nominees of the Masvingo Music Awards.

“Dangwe was our stepping stone. It paved our way into the tightly contested industry. It played a pivotal role in marketing us considering it’s the first to have been produced by GZU. The fruits can be seen from Masvingo Music Awards nominees, where it was nominated in two categories,” he said.

Dzingai, who is also a music lecturer at GZU said Team Fusion was an undying project meant to groom aspiring musicians and expose them to the mainstream music industry.
“Team Fusion is an incessant project where new members are scouted and recruited year in, and out. Grassroots musicians are nurtured and exposed to the world of music, so completion of studies by some members or death doesn’t stop or stall the band from progressing,” he said

The new album features two new faces Phiona Kaseke and Daniel Chandimhara and the old members are Nyasha Warinda, Ruvimbo Pangwai, Isaac Matambo and Chipo Nyambiya.
The band uploaded the videos trailer of the new album on YouTube on


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