Teacher kills girlfriend, sets body on fire

A TEACHER at Pakame High School, who lives in Kia Ora Lalapanzi, Chirumanzu, is in trouble after he allegedly killed his girlfriend after a dispute over her pregnancy.
Tonderai Marabwa (33) was not asked to plead to the charge of murder when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Franklin Mkhwananzi yesterday. The magistrate remanded him in custody to April 26.


The court was told that on December 10 last year, Marabwa phoned Fortunate Sindi Sithole and they agreed to meet in Bulawayo in the afternoon. He travelled from Lalapanzi to Bulawayo and met with her.

Sithole lived in Mahatshula, Bulawayo.

The two resolved to put up at Esikhoveni guest lodge in Khumalo, Bulawayo, and they had sexual intercourse.

At 4am the two had a misunderstanding over the issue of pregnancy when Sithole demanded to be taken to Marabwa’s family for introductions. Marabwa refused because he had another pregnant girlfriend, Maxine Birira, whom he intended to marry. It is alleged that she stayed with him in Lalapanzi.

Sithole, however, insisted that she wanted to meet Marabwa’s family and threatened to follow him home.

Marabwa, fearing that the other girlfriend would discover the relationship, strangled Sithole using her head scarf. He allegedly placed a mattress on top of the deceased and set it alight before locking the door of the room in an effort to conceal the murder.

He then disappeared into the night. The murder was discovered by lodge workers who reported the matter to the police leading to Marabwa’s arrest.

A post-mortem was carried out on deceased’s remains and cause of death was ascertained as asphyxia and strangulation.

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  1. But uyu mweya uyu unenge vambobvepi .Thats being callous and heartless .How can u kill someone with your child in the womb .Dai ndaitonga nyaya ini

  2. Why it essential in the story for readers to know that the two had sexual intercourse?

    1. Very essential wangu ndonyaya yachozve

    2. @garai mega, that’s what happened and that’s what I, possibly many others, also want to read!!! As for you, why don’t you just skip sections of the story that you find offensive?

      1. Am not offended but the crime carries its weight without having to mention it. They were dating and not an offence for them to have sex just like having food.

    3. The reporter was likely reporting accordong to contents in the charge sheet as read out in court.

  3. chokwadi ko kuramba munhu wacho pane kuuraya shame what a shame apa aiisa nyoro kwese aids is far from dropping down

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    Comment…Ummmmmmm. akawoma moyo serovambira.

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