Take Manyenyeni’s warning seriously

OUTGOING Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni’s warning for residents to vote for “enlightened” councillors in the forthcoming elections should not be taken lightly because the councillors’ calibre — especially in terms of comprehension of critical issues — will have an impact on the abilities to discharge their duties competently.

While a lot of voters can be swayed by the charisma and other personal traits of prospective candidates ahead of elections, there is need to establish a new trajectory, whereby a councillor is voted on merit and not only because they represent a political party of the voter’s choice.

Running a city efficiently and professionally takes more than the ability to shout a slogan.

Manyenyeni has constantly complained over the calibre of the capital’s city fathers and it is critical for political parties to consider the capabilities of their prospective representatives before giving them the greenlight to represent them in elections.

There is also need to put into council people with the requisite knowledge and skills to run the city, particularly at a time when cities across the world are increasingly becoming more innovative and well-developed.

That the calibre of the current city fathers is below par is a serious indictment in the political party they are representing.

Thankfully, the forthcoming elections will present residents with an opportunity to make the necessary corrections.

There is need for inspiring councillors that can grasp issues and steer the ship of the city into the future.

Zimbabwe needs councillors that are able to demonstrate comprehension of key issues to do with the local authority.

It is an open secret that the city is in a mess, and it is up to the residents to put a stop to this.

If residents really need to see a turnaround of the city and its fortunes, then it is up to them to see to that by giving only qualified people the mandate to run the capital city.

Otherwise they will only have themselves to blame if the city, which is the seat of central governance, does not develop at the accelerated pace Zimbabweans desire.

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  1. ini kudzidza or not as long pakanzi mdc neroooooo ini vote yangu pfeeee ibasa remdc to vet academic qualification

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