PG Goba faces possible arrest

Prosecutor-General (PG) Ray Goba faces possible arrest after he allegedly personally interviewed Kudakwashe Elliot, a rape suspect, who is also a State witness in Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, Walter Magaya’s rape trial, without reporting him to police.


In a letter written to Goba and copied to Justice minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc), the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Judicial Service Commission (Jsc), the lawyer representing Elliot’s rape victim gave the PG a 24-hour ultimatum to explain his actions.

“From our understanding, you have personally interviewed Kudakwashe Elliot and that despite having knowledge of the fact that he is an accused, who had put himself beyond the reach of the law.

“You have nonetheless tried to put himself beyond the reach of the law. You have nonetheless chosen to interact and consort with him without informing the police. In this regard, our client is aware that you had a duty to report Elliot’s presence to the police,” the lawyers said.

“You have, accordingly, aided and abetted a criminal, who has incessantly tried to put himself beyond the reach of the law. You have, in this regard, committed a serious criminal misconduct for which you are liable to be prosecuted. We, therefore, demand that you do the following within the 24 hours: explain to us, for the benefit of our client, why you have abdicated your constitutional function in this most reprehensible manner . . . Should you not do so, we shall be proceeding to make a formal report with the police for your immediate arrest and eventual prosecution.”

According to the lawyers, Elliot was reported to the police under RRB number 2890093. ads Ads

Goba is yet to respond to the allegations levelled against him.

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  1. this is nonsense if there was rape then there was rape and perpetrators must face the music end of story

    1. Your comment is nonsense

      1. are you advocating for rape offenders to go scot free never in a democratic society were the rule of law reigns supreme there get arrested and thrown behind bars and rot in jail like gumbura and i like it that way its very sweet for offenders

  2. NOw Now now,this PG is under fire i smell a conspiracy here,its either the PG is not a competant person or he is in war with a certain cabal,”G40″ ,my guess he torched hornet’s nest and needs to be carefull.All the best Mr.PG Remember Magaya is G40

    1. G40 ndiwe blaz

  3. Your guess is good as mine as to where all this is coming from. You chose to fight an influencial man and they are getting as dirty as possible to survive. They will do all tricks and most will be very unpleasant. Its going to be a bitter war with the prophet and make sure you are ready for it.

  4. Rita Marque Mbatha

    Harassment abounds….

  5. Cde Full Gomo

    with a PG in the form of this guy,as a country we completely & totally f*cked


    Goba’s shortcomings are not a bleach for the sins of Magaya. He remains a suspect. Now that he hasmade his plea, then there has to be a judgement in the end.

  7. Its tragic that this PG Goba guy or thing is a former convict that has little, if any, knowledge of the law hence that unprecedented level of incompetence. At Law, he makes mistakes at the pace of a Sambuku kumusha. Its very dangerous for him and for our justice delivery system.

    1. Goba akatsva hake. But achataura vanhu vakumutuma. A country with so many fine legal minds cannot have a such an incompetent man as PG

      1. I agree with you Brother Peter.Uyu ndiye ari pama 1 manje kkkkkkkkkk

    2. Let us call him “Thing” not “guy”. Kkkkkkkkkkk.I used to respect him when he was appointed but we have Tsvina chaiyo pachigaro cha PG.

  8. Guys we can fight and quarrel, but may I know,are we saying Magaya haana nyaya here?

    1. Nyaya anayo 200%!! but irikutsikwakwa zvichienderano nekukanyakanya kwegoror GOBA!!

      1. Mukanya..200% of what? What is your basis?

        Shallow minded.

    2. Our laws say that one is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.Vamwe munongotaura nezvenyaya yamusingazive.Zvino Gaba,sorry zviya anonzi Goba wenyu aripama 1 nokuti akabvuma kushandiswa nevamwe vanhu.He is already sweating.Handei tione.

  9. Magaya ane nyaya why all the fuss with his lawyers, let the case be heard and allow the Court to decide, ari kutyei

  10. they accusations hold no waters pg can question willing tibvireipo

    1. Gaba or is it Goba faces arrest for concealing the whereabouts of a rape suspect.Ma 1 chaiwo.

  11. magaya ngasungwe.kungotarisa face yake one can tell he is a thug behind a church pulpit

    1. Iwe unenge washaya zvekuita

    2. Do not attract a curse from Heaven by saying things you have never witnessed.Allowing the devil to use you in the fight against the Man of God will leave you damaged beyond repair when the Hand of God comes down upon you.Tichazokurukura patichazosangana kuPHD muchipa Testimony yenyu.It will be quite interesting on that day.

      1. worship magaya not JESUS.stop idolising fake peophets

      2. Vamwe vakamboimba vachiti hatiite vanaMagaya naMakandiwa asi vakazozouya vorwara. Vanhu musango taurataura zvevaZodziwa Mwari you will be cursed.

    3. Hauna nyaya iwe

  12. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Kuhofisi kweGweta raMagaya kwakapinda mbavha rwepiri. Murikuzviziva here?

  13. Kuwiriranakwanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe


  14. I have heard that magaya’s own father disowned him and refuses any help from the prophet?

    is it true?


    1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Guys hamuna nyaya apa,majaira kusungisa vanhu vaMwari

  17. Goba akawanza dzungu-dzungu-dzungu. Dzungu hakusi kungwara. Dzikama Goba!

  18. Leeroy Adolfo

    You are so right.At least some people can see through the fog of lies,someone purporting to be a prophet.Arrest him and such like

  19. The PG might be competent or whatever,let him face his sins fine,but Magaya too must be tried, period.

  20. Vanhu muchanyara hamude kuona chakanaka tomira nemi dady vedu kunuange zvikaoma sei toziva Mwari watonamsta haafe akakurasisai bt achanyadzisa vavenge….lov u father

  21. Vanhu muchanyara hamude kuona chakanaka tomira nemi dady vedu kunuange zvikaoma sei toziva Mwari watonamsta haafe akakurasisai bt achanyadzisa vavenge….lov u father Dr Prophet Magaya..vanoropota muchanyara regai mugoona

  22. Hwayana Yegwayi


  23. @ anonymous – kwanzi I have heard that magaya’s own father disowned him and refuses any help from the prophet? is it true?

    Zviroto zvenyu izvo ngazvigumire kuhope. Please do not bring your dream world into the land of the living.

  24. Kana mashaiwa nyaya radzai muridzo

  25. ngazviende kuchikurubi man of god man of god muri kun’anga dzemuchurch jesu chaiye aisabhadharisa smell the coffee too much kuda ma instant nenyaya yekusada kushanda ikozvino anosponsor bhora vana bev plus tunyaya tusingaperi

  26. `Magaya ane nyaya even iye anozviziva kunyangwe mukaramaba asi Mwari vekudenga vanozviziva. Please stop protecting him .

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