Palestinian songstress in Zim

PALESTINIAN teen songstress Miral Ayyad landed in the country on Wednesday for a four-day tour during which she will add her voice to gospel musician Abraham Matuka’s song to market Zimbabwe.


The multilingual song, Lovely Zimbabwe, whose lyrics depict the beauty of the country, is targeting 11 often-ignored markets, including India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russian and Japan.

Speaking to the media soon after arrival at the Palestinian embassy in Harare, the 16-year-old, who was accompanied by her mother, expressed joy over partaking in the project, which was facilitated by Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe, Taghrid Senouar.

“This is the first time I have known about Zimbabwe, (but) I understand that my country and Zimbabwe have a good relationship, so this is a way to say thank you for that,” Ayyad said.

The multi-talented Jerusalem-based singer, who also plays the qanoon instrument, sprung to prominence when she dazzled at The Voice Kids in her country two years ago.

Project manager Blessing Madura said they were happy that their engagement with the ambassador of Palestine to add an Arabic flair to the project had yielded tangible results. Ads

“We are elated that Miral is here and she is going to talk to the Arabic target market. In a few seconds, she is going to connect to millions of people that we have not had an opportunity to connect to,” Madura said.

“We are using music added to visual because that’s the God-given tool that we have and can positively use to impact the lives of many.”

Many locals, especially Christians, have flocked Palestine to get a glimpse of the biblical artefacts and Senouar believes through the project, her countrymen and the world will be persuaded to visit Zimbabwe.

“For me personally, this is an amazing and original Zimbabwean idea which could help promote the image of Zimbabwe around the world because it is a lovely country by the way, so this is what brought pleasure in us to be part of it as an embassy,” she

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