Nurses withdraw court case

NURSES at public hospitals have withdrawn their High Court application, where they were contesting the unilateral termination of their employment contracts by government over their strike action two weeks ago.


In a notice of withdrawal filed with the Registrar of the High Court yesterday, Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) said the organisation no longer intended to proceed with the legal action.

“Be pleased to take notice that the applicants hereby withdraw their urgent chamber application for an interdict,” read part of the notice of withdrawal filed by Precious Chakasikwa and Bernard Chidziva of Kantor and Immerman Legal Practitioners representing Zina.

“ZLHR understands that the withdrawal of the court application followed a meeting held on Wednesday 25 April 2018 by the national executive committee of Zimbabwe Nurses Association, where they resolved to instruct their lawyers to withdraw the urgent chamber application,” ZLHR said.

“The client instructed us to withdraw but did not give us reasons,” Chakasikwa said.

The nurses had applied for an interdict order barring the Health Service Board, Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa and Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga from proceeding with the decision to expel them from the public service over the industrial action.

The case was supposed to be heard by Justice Amy Tsanga yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Guvheya-2 vs Nurses=0

    1. Mr Ero 0-0 Nurses. All nurses are back at work and becos of pride Gvt wont make this a headline. This is the only reason why they would withdraw the case. i visited Harare Hosptl to see my aunt who was amitted there and i saw the usual nurses working. wht they have done is to reward the ‘good’ nurses who did not take the strike while the rest will have thier increaments on in the next payslip.

  2. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    @ Eliasha i dont think so its Nurses 2 Guveya 1 because the nurses never received the termination letters.

    1. first hand information from other quarters indicate otherwise so my scoreline remain heavily in favor of guvheya

  3. No need for the case to proceed. The striking nurses are all back at work, and more nurses have been employed. Egg on Chiwenga’s face.
    All is well, until next time.

  4. chiwenga uri dofo rakadzidza civilian matters dont require military tendences u can coup the president not the economy

    1. Intention was for nurses to return to work voluntary or otherwise. Firing was a method towards achieving this. So in strategy Guvheya 3 Nurses 0. Maticha anga ari pa standby ye strike so they got the message Guvheya 1: Teachers 0.

      1. Mateachers akarongeka kupfuura manures they will succeed.MaNurse confusion too much,havana kubata.

  5. You got it all wrong ,Chiwenga is the winner in this case. If you really knew what happened you wouldn’t come up with such a scoreline.Despite the fact that nurses had gone on a strike ,not all of them were in solidarity with the action. Some actually defied the action that simply weakened their job action. Chiwenga took advantage of that and employed the tough action of firing some of them. So if you look closely the nurses lost. Yes you can say they got 17million !!That amount wont even sustain the entire nursing staff let alone for 2 months. Chiwenga employed divide and rule tactic and it worked beautifully for him.

  6. Why should we have 15000 nurses and over 40000 soldiers ..just wondering about kamwe kaunhu so..wrong priorities

  7. Nicely picked details, many thanks to the author. It’s incomprehensive in my experience at present, however in common, the convenience and importance is mind-boggling. Regards and all the best ..

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