Mugabe hounded me out of Zanu PF: Chombo

MARIAN Chombo, ex-wife of former Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, alleges she was kicked-out of Zanu PF at the behest of ex-President Robert Mugabe and never quit voluntarily.


She hit out at Mugabe for unashamedly ganging up with her ex-husband and other G40 kingpins to hound her out of the revolutionary party.

Mugabe, Chombo, alongside other G40 allies, who included former First Lady Grace Mugabe, ex-ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwawo, were later expelled from Zanu PF after the military’s intervention late last year.

Marian, who was recently readmitted into Zanu PF, said she was happy to be back in the party.

In an interview at Chikeya in Zvimba, Marian said she was relieved to have been readmitted, as her roots were in Zanu PF, a party through which she contributed to the country’s liberation struggle as a war collaborator, and was ready to serve in any post.

“Firstly, I am happy that I am back in the party. However, I want to state that I never left Zanu PF on my own volition but I was pushed out by former President Mugabe. ads Ads

I’m sure everyone heard Mugabe saying it out during a rally in Chinhoyi and that’s when I joined Joice Mujuru (of the Zimbabwe People First then) since we shared liberation history, but my heart was always with Zanu PF,” she said.

Marian said she was ready to serve the party in any capacity that would help uplift the people’s welfare.

“I think the people at the grassroots are better positioned to decide if I should serve them at any level they see fit. I am ready to serve in any position if the people choose that I serve them. Remember our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) believes that the people’s voice is the voice of God. It is the ordinary person, who will decide who they choose to lead them,” she said.

“Right now, I am not worried about having a position, as that is for the people to decide.

“My focus right now is that we unite the party and join hands in campaigning for our President so that he wins the 2018 elections resoundingly so he can continue to open up our country for economic growth.”

In the 2013 polls, Marian contested in Zvimba North constituency against her former husband in Zanu PF primaries before she was expelled for defying a directive not to contest.

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  1. You are very correct Miriam and we also recall exPresident telling you to find an alternaive lover as Chombo had lost affection for you and all this was at a rally beamed live will never forget that day

  2. Comment…this miriam chombo is a failure She can’t survive without zanu PF where they abusing state resources to campaign for her .she can’t campaign for her own she was used to be spoon feeding by ignatious chombo who introduce her to politics and she was given a rural constitution which is easier to win bcz war vets and headmam forcing ppl to vote for you. she is in the league of bedroom politics like grace Mugabe ,axilia mnangagwa ,and the wives of mutsvangwa, mohadi ,etc who are corrupt and introduce their wives who are incompetent to politics.

    1. How is she incompetent? Unless you are saying re-joining a party of her choice amounts to incompetence. Learn from ED people siya vanhu vasarudze kunovaitira no need to curse/beat someone for his/her choice, thats very primitive.

    2. @Chaminuka. You really waffle nonsensities.

    3. Husband MP, wife MP,father minister of this, son minister of that, this must stop forthwith.

  3. shit happens guyz

  4. no no no you can talk of the the others but please leave amai munangagwa alone because as far as I know she quits her position in politics to focus on being the first lady and mother of the nation

  5. Marian, doro ita shoma, kuvarume uko ita hwani chete anehunhu.

    1. kabius kekedu

      Ko doro iri rava kunyorwa pano apa munorimwa seiko munhu wemukadzi??? Haaa! Zera iroro shuwa kwava kuita mbiri yebonde nevarume vakawanda shuwa. Haiwa, ndapa kutenda hangu. Amai, hamuiti zvachose. Imbwa iri nani.

  6. I don,t think this lady is a failure in anyway she appears to me like a humble woman who was abused by Chombo and was victimized for standing her ground in politics.

  7. Mirriam is alright, it is a surprise for people like Chaminuka who only know that she is a failure when she is divorced. Something unheard of, that a woman was divorced by her spouse because she failed to be a parliamentarian. Chaminuka, When Mugabe your abnormal granny was talking shit, you were busy sloganeering `pamberi naGushungo pasi na Miriam` This a diagnosis of your mental status pliz see a psychiatrist before its too late

  8. Comment…I know marian she is after position in 2013 she was instructed to pave way for ignatious chombo at zvimba constituency but she refuse and went on contesting the seat as independent candidate and this means automatic dismissal from our party.she lost the seat at election .she joined mujuru and vow she will never go back to zanu PF .Kkkkkkkkk apa adzoka which means hakugariki kunze uko kunopisa bvunzai webster shamu .but truly that lady is after position.she must know we are in new dispensation ed does not need lazy ppl bcz he is hard working president and he will turn zimbabwe into richest country in africa

  9. Wasn’t she part of her thieving and crooked husband’s nefarious activities like stealing plots, land and houses and amassing untold taxfree wealth?

  10. Zvimba North Constituency, zanupf and its candidates have had you toilling for 38yrs and its not (was never) their intention to uplift your lives. Now is the time to reject anything zanupf. Marian was leaving a life of lavishness during her marriage to Chombo didnt even care about Zvimba North, she only turned to politics after their divorce which by the way revealed how filthy rich (despite corruptly) Chombo and Marian were. It looks Marian has serious challenges when it comes to business management – she got a lot of estate from the divorce so much so that by now she should have been a well established business woman no longer needing a ‘political pillar’

  11. “the recolutionary party!” you too newsday?

  12. “the revolutionary party!” you too newsday?

  13. Blessed mugwagwa

    Get your facts right. Mugabe has not been expelled from zanu(pf).

  14. Hanzi ndaive collaborator!!! Ko kungoti ndaive chimbwido! We all know kuti magandanga aive nana Mukwirwi Chimbwido

  15. i do not conform

    All people who speak of Mugabe’s maladminstration because they want to find favour with the “new” dispensation are spineless. if she had spoken of it at the very peak like chris mtsvangwa, matemadanda and the brave soul madame dongo then the story would be authentic. ngavambogara pasi havo mai chombo

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