Mnangagwa has changed nothing, Mujuru tells US

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has accused the Zanu PF government of being reluctant to implement electoral reforms to ensure credible elections this year.


Mujuru, who is the presidential candidate for the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC), told the visiting United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speeches on free and fair elections were mere rhetoric and not translating into any changes on the ground.

“The PRC leader highlighted to the visitors that there is no indication of the military regime’s willingness to implement the critical reforms notwithstanding ED’s (Mnangagawa) grandstanding on foreign soils to the effect of wanting to facilitate the holding of free and fair elections,” Mujuru’s spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro said.

Mujuru said the opposition was worried about the heavy involvement of former military personnel in the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) secretariat.

“Zimbabweans should also take note that the issue of Zec took centre stage, regarding its independence and politics of exclusion and collusion, when it comes to the need of engaging all political parties in the country on matters of political processes; and more worrying is when Zec critical manpower would be seen in the company of Zanu PF in countries like Russia in very much unclear circumstances,” she said.

Zec chairperson, Priscila Chigumba recently said the former military personnel constituted 15% of the electoral body’s secretariat, as opposition demands they be flushed out.

Mujuru also took the issue of Chigumba’s recent visit to Russia in the company of Zanu PF politburo member, Christopher Mutsvangwa.

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  1. amai ava is all but trying to seek relevance out of bitterness and greed. We no longer need you and your charlatan Mai Mujuru, please retire peacefully because we have had enough of your myopic rhetoric.

    1. Which side are you on Muimbi. It took oneness to remove Mr Mugabe and it will take oneless of the opposition parts to remove Zanu PF. She Mai Mujuru is right

    2. this is one of the reasons we suffered for years you dont look for facts is she lying about anything? does she has the rights to express her concerns

  2. vakutorwara vanongotaura ngavachizorora chokwadi vaneta

  3. zvekuti mai mujuu vaneta is just neither here nor there. what she is saying has substance and thats what we need. kana mai mujuru vaneta then impliedly it means ED and crew are beyond the word tired hence no longer relevant. remember it is out of bitterness that finer details of one family’s treacherous & wicked antics are disclosed. she is only helping to take the cat out of the bag and helping Zimbabwe and the entire world to precisely define Zanu Pf’s inherent character of indicating left & turning right or preferably continuing straight.

    1. you are on point

    2. Comment…mai mujuru vakaurayisa murume vachifunga kuti vachawana chigaro wanikwe mbombo hatiteerere mkanwa mehure ngarinyarare zipfambi remunhu

  4. Check, think, evaluate and analyse the message…don’t shoot the messenger.

  5. But mrs Mujuru,tell us why are you reluctant in not telling us the truth about how you and your zanu pf were rigging elections? Why are you closing your mouth if you have truly left zanu pf forever because you don’t want to reveal the truth about your riggings antics and you seem content with ED and zanu pf today,why? You and your PRC together with zanu pf falls under one umbrella and you want to fool zimbabweans that you are no more a zanu pf cabal.People of zimbabwe,its time up to change governing party and don’t be fooled by Mujuru and those evil NPF G40 and their devil father-zanu pf that they can and will change our situations because zimbabwe is where it is today because these evil doers. Those people voting for zanu pf and their associates support and prompt evilness shall be cursed and judged.

  6. Amai mujuru endai munorima murikupedza nguva yenyu ,kana muchishaya zvekuita huyai tiswere takarara hedu .

  7. Mujuru benefitted from the same regime for 34yrs anotiudzeiko mukora nezvekuba uyo?

    1. that’s a lame excuse even Tsvangirai benefited from the same system up to the point of his funeral so wake up and use other arguments don’t expose your low IQ here

  8. Dear Dear Dear

    Dear Dear Joyce is trying to change her tune she forgets she was A vice President to the old man no wonder they say that money is the root of all evil

  9. @Henzo wati iwewe”
    UNHU HWEIMWE MHAVHA”,saka zvorevaka kuti shoko raGutu rekuti MDC irikuita bus vatsigiri vayo from various locations ichokwadi..

  10. The only way to achieve total democracy is to accept facts without sinking in denial. May one person explain why ZANU is failing to provide a conducive electoral climate? Why should the citizens continue begging for total emancipation from a party that claims to have fought and ‘died’ for total emancipation? Is ZANU a people’ party? Has the current scenario changed from the ‘past’? Why do certain individuals feel excited when the majority are living in abject poverty? Tell me one reason why people should vote for a party that has robed the nation by looting its natural resources?

  11. Comment…haaa imi mai imi endai mundofaa munoziyeiko ,to hell.dzungu hpana chinozikanwa kungokura musoro.musarwadziwe nezanupf party,itaiwi dzenyu mari zveee.

  12. Comment…muchamama chete sanotengai matissue tumaalliance twenyu twechihwindi twamuri kufira.Garwe nachiwenga munovaziva kana shavi racho rasvika vhunzai baba bona kkk.dzungu iro maopposition,munhu ane masuccess haatubuki zvamuri kuita izvo muti lhooo,mdhara achauyaaa ,grace akaudzwa kuti mudhara achauya iye akapikisa hino hezvoooo wapapi ,imi moda kuitawo ana mujuru ndimi mchamama imi mirai muone kudhodha chayko.

  13. There is no way these elections will be free or fair under the current electoral conditions. Mujuru is correct and echoing what the other legitimate opposition leaders has stated over and over again. There should be a plan B for the opposition if ED and his junta go to elections with no reform.

  14. Munjuru nganyarare aivepi pese apa akadini kuita zvakaitwa na ED paakadzingwa basa .akaba zvakakwana kati zii.ndivo vanhu vanotidzorora kumashure ivavo.

  15. Comment…zanu yakafa

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