MDC-T councillors eye Parly seats

AT least four long-serving MDC-T councillors in Harare have decided to climb up the political ladder and contest for parliamentary seats in this year’s general elections after spending 10 years at Town House.


Wellington Chikombo is reportedly eyeing Glen Norah constituency, Peter Moyo (Southerton), Rusty Markham (Harare North) and Panganayi Charumbira (Budiriro), after serving as councillors since 2008.

Chikombo confirmed yesterday that he had submitted his CV for consideration as a parliamentary candidate, but refused to divulge further details, saying: “Talk to the party leadership”.

In Glen Norah, Chikombo is set to battle it out with sitting MP Webster Maondera, while in Budiriro, Charumbira will take on Costa Machingauta, both of whom are seeking re-election.

In Southerton, Moyo will challenge former Mines deputy minister, Gift Chimanikire, who has been an MP for close to a decade.

Harare West legislator Jessie Majome is likely to face a challenge from former students leader, Joanna Mamombe.

Party deputy president Elias Mudzuri will battle it out against Eliphas Gadhi for the Warren Park constituency, which he has superintended since 2005.

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  1. They failed us as councilors and now they want to infect the rest of Zimbabwe. We are sick and tired of these uneducated people holding strategic offices at the expense of capable people who’re employed in government. The government should put a waiver for civil servants to contest and put qualification benchmarks for council and legislative posts. Zimbabwe’s education is considered to be the best on the continent yet such important positions are left open for occupation by illiterate people who have no clue on how a project proposal is drafted, let alone speaking in english.

    1. no one stops the so called educated from contesting for those positions, if they dont put themselves up for elections, then we get what we deserve.

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Chokwadi, tangayi mapa zvinobatika zvamakaita muri maKanzuraz. Avowo vagarisa vari MPs mochikwashawo kuSeneta woka, sezvo
    mava neruzivowo rwekudzikamisa vadiki

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