‘Makoni South deserves better representation in Parliament’

LAWYER and politician, Misheck Mataranyika has said people of Makoni South constituency deserved better representation in Parliament to address their challenges.

Mataranyika is eyeing to represent Zanu PF in the constituency left vacant when former Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene was booted out from both the party and government last year during the military operation that toppled former President Robert Mugabe.

Chimene was an ardent critic of the then former vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is now in power after his elevation courtesy of the soft military coup.

In an interview with NewsDay at Rukweza Secondary school in the constituency recently Mataranyika said roads, clinics and boreholes in the constituency were all neglected.

Mataranyika said people in the constituency believed that he was the right person to lead them as he came from a business oriented family with his sibling Phillip being the founder and owner of Nyaradzo funeral services.

“Losing is not an option to me. I have never entered into a race to lose or write exams to fail. At least people are happy that someone who is business oriented want to represent them in the upcoming elections. People in Makoni South deserve better representation in Parliament. As you can see for yourself that roads are neglected, same to our clinics and boreholes’’ he said.

“I have submitted my curriculum vitae to fight in the Zanu PF primaries. My wish is to have an opportunity to represent my people politically. The constituency looks neglected to begin with there are hard issues that need to be addressed, the roads are in a bad shape and also clinics and we also need water.’’

Mataranyika added: “I started my political career around 2000 in Highfied. My parents have a house there, I grew up in Highfield and Rukweza, I have been in the structures, I am not worried about competition, if there is no competition then there are no checks and balances.’’

‘’We have to present ourselves to the public and people will decide. I am not campaigning at the moment but I am assessing people’s needs, so that if I get into office I will know what my people want,’’ he said.

Mataranyika is reportedly expected to battle it out with Zanu PF Manicaland chairperson Happyness Nyakuedzwa and businessman Cleopas Mugomba.

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  1. Business minded my foot!!!! I he is so business minded why throw in his brother’s name

  2. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…VaMataranyika, zvamurikutaura ndozvinotaura vose vanodakusarudzwa. Nemhosva yekuti vamiriri vose vematunhu mune zvematongerwo enyika vanobvisiwa nesarudzo chete mushure memakore mashanu. Dayi zvainzi, MP watadza kumirira vanhu, ibva. Dayi musingavake
    mazambuko nemazaya echando zvamunotiitira izvi. Zvakana, makamboiteiwo mudunhu menyu chinobatsira ruzhinji, kubva 2013 Aug-2017 Dec?

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