Mai Titi heads for America

COMEDIAN and motivational speaker Felistas “Mai Titi” Murata’s star continues to shine bright after she was roped into the line up of guest speakers set to grace the 2018 International Christian Singles Conference: Complete in Christ scheduled to run from October 11 to 14 at Double Tree by Hilton Fort Lee in the United States.


Mai Titi — who recently received the top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year award for championing the advancement and emancipation of girls and women in Business and Leadership — said the development was a major breakthrough for her career.

“I am very happy and excited about this. To have people from as far as United States recognise and acknowledge my work is huge for me. I feel honoured,” she told NewsDay Life & Style.

Mai Titi said following the latest developments, she was currently processing her visa ahead of her 10-day stint in New Jersey.

She said the four-day conference was being organised by Rehoboth International Ministries and would include an all-white lunch boat cruise on the famous Hudson River and sight-seeing in New York city.

Mai Titi said there would be plenary sessions with various guest speakers each day from countries including Canada, United Kingdom and Zambia, focusing on purpose and potential identification.

The comedian, who is also a musician, first captured the imagination of the nation about two years ago through her humorous skits that have become popular on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

A one-minute 26-second tutorial video clip in which she was seen offering “sex tutorials” to women on how to spice up their sex lives at a private event was leaked on social media amid reports that she had been offering sex lessons since 2008.

Mai Titi told NewsDay Life & Style at the time that while she was saddened that a friend had leaked the video, she started receiving messages from men requesting “practicals” as they mistook her for a sex worker. She threatened to name and shame the men if they continued pestering her.


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