Grace is a liar: Obert Mpofu

Obert Mpofu

GOVERNMENT has dismissed claims by former First Lady Grace Mugabe that gold panners had invaded her citrus farm in Mazowe, saying instead, she was embroiled in a mining dispute with three mining syndicates.


Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu told journalists in Bulawayo yesterday that police could not intervene in the dispute, as the mining syndicates were armed with a High Court order barring police and law enforcement agents from interfering with their mining operations.

Grace on March 29 filed a report at Mazowe Police Station alleging that 400 illegal miners had invaded her farm, and vandalised irrigation equipment.

The following day, she filed another report claiming the panners had broken into her orphanage and stolen 31 laptops.

However, Mpofu yesterday disputed the claims and accused Grace of lying.

“The ZRP attended the scene on March 30 and 31, 2018 and established through interviews and physical checks that there were no illegal miners at the children’s home and lemon plantation,” Mpofu said.

“The enquiries revealed that there is a mining dispute between the former First Family and three mining syndicates, Mondo 3, led by Bright Maonga, Mondo 4 mining claim, led by Shepherd Nyazvingo, and Xmas 159, led by Mohammed Khan. The syndicates went to the High Court and obtained a provisional order which bars police and Gushungo Holdings from interfering with their mining operations, High Court order HC 293/18 refers.”

On the alleged theft of 31 laptops by the suspected illegal panners, Mpofu said eight laptops were stolen on March 2 by the former First Lady’s employees, who have since been arrested, dragged to court and sentenced.

“On March 2, 2018, the caretaker at Amai Mugabe School in Mazowe noticed that eight laptops were missing from the storeroom and informed the school administrator on March 6, 2018. A report was subsequently made to the police on March 8, 2018.

“Police officers attended the scene and established that there was no sign of physical break-in and indications were that duplicate keys had been used to gain entry. This showed that the offence was an inside job,” Mpofu said.

He added that Grace’s two employees, Amos Masimure (29) and Wilson Pomba (32), were arrested for unlawful entry and theft, leading to the recovery of six of the laptops.
Masimure appeared at Bindura Magistrates’ Court on March 14, was found guilty and sentenced to two-and-half years in jail.

He was also ordered to “restitute complainant a sum of $1 500 before 30 April”.

Pomba was granted $50 bail and further remanded to April 9 for trial.


  1. From the look of things someone high wants this piece of land because of its rich resource. Grace Mugabe cannot lie that lemon trees were uprooted when they were pictures which showed panners close to where the trees are. Zanu PF ngaitipe ma serious!

  2. However i appauld Obert Mpofu’s response it sounds very factual and detailed

  3. the days of marujata are over and unfortunately noone will ever listen to her again no matter how genuine the complain is.

  4. A very good response by mpofu

  5. What goes around also comes around. Zvaiwana ngwarati yofura ivete.
    Gold panning was promoted by her husband. Feel the heat and the taste of own medical concoction.

  6. Thanks Cde minister, Mhofu, for clarifying the issue. Our government must continue the efforts in economic recovery.

  7. This response from Mpofu seems both reasonable and probable….its a pity that it is now a case of the leading Master of Thievery and Corruption in this country is calling a former psych ward patient a liar.
    While the truth matters, it is also important to note that the source of information can colour its’ reception. Obert “the most obedient son” is not an angel !

    1. but is still most obedient son

  8. Mai Gushungo having a test of husband’s medicine.With all the people that suffered or died under Mugabe dictatorship,I believe Mugabe’s family life is going through a curse.

  9. Why bother with the detailed and factual explanation, Cde Minister? We all know that Zodwa is both a notorious liar and an unashamed manipulator in equal measure!!

  10. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Ko mamwe maLaptop makumi maviri ane matatu akatorwa kana kuti akafamba seyi? Sezvo zvakanzi
    pakashaikwa maLaptop makumi matatu ane rimwechete. VaMpofu avana kupa tsanangudzo ipapo. Vangopa tsanangudzo mayererano nemasere chete.

  11. Comment…Grace, learn to respect the people you meet when you go up ‘coz they are the same people you meet when going down.

  12. Mbuya Gire has a right to report to the police and be protected as a human and citizen of zimbabe. However, I did not like the way she used her power as first lady to displace innocent zimbos from mashambanzou farm. For that reason I am happy that at least God has make her feel the importance of valuing human life regardless of financial and social status in a every society. Carry on guys, don’t surrender that farm to Mbuya Gire…

  13. Akuna upenyu hunoramba hwekedero lyf changes now that you found urself on the receiving end usati mavaro ako azare vhu.

  14. yes grace is a liar. akazwi sikira moto muziso. aipamba pamba nekufaza mari achi shunguridza vanhu asingazive kuti zwicha pfuka

  15. a liar pointing at another liar. interesting

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