Free medical services for poor Manicaland villagers

THOUSANDS of underprivileged families in Manicaland province are this month set to benefit from free medical services provided by charity organisation, Rural Mobile Health Care.


Harare doctor Joseph Karaga, a founder of the organisation, said they were targeting disadvantaged rural communities where there were inadequate public health facilities.
The charity, which comprises a team of volunteers, was formed late last year.

“We travel to those hard-to-get rural areas where there are no nearby health facilities and provide health services free of charge. We offer services to all ages. We have made collaborations with the Population Services International and National Aids Council who provide reproductive health services.

“For most of our outreaches, we rely on our pockets for funding. We also have received great support from Mutare businessman, Wilson Masokowere. Whenever we accumulate enough resources we organise outreach programmes, this month we are set to visit Manicaland, particularly Makoni district,” he said.

He said women and children are the most affected by lack of health care facilities.

“You can be surprised how children and women are suffering in such rural areas. I started this programme in 2018 August after realising the need to reach out to those low income classes and to give back to the community. Ads

“My friend (Forward) Nyemudzo and I decided to partner in the programme. We had to sell some of our properties, like cars to initiate the project. We need money to buy drugs and pay hired doctors and nurses,” he said.

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  1. refugee in my own country

    waona kunyepaka hanzi they started august 2018 imi.ka itai mushe

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