ED attaches company’s property

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa last week caused the attachment of various oil-processing equipment owned by Kwekwe-based firm, Sherwood Nursuries, over an outstanding $18 000 debt for soyabeans supplied by the Head of State in 2014.


According to court documents, Sherwood Nursuries received 36 247 tonnes of soyabeans valued at $18 485,67 from Mnangagwa’s farm, Pircabe Enterprises, but failed to pay up.

“Sometime in July 2014 at Kwekwe at Sherwood Nurseries, specific insistence and request, Pircabe Enterprises sold and delivered 36 247 tonnes of soyabeans valued at $18 485,97, which was payment upon delivery, but defendant failed to pay,” part of Mnangagwa’s application filed at the High Court by his lawyer, Valentine Mutatu reads.

Justice Lawrence Kamocha last week ordered attachment of Sherwood Nursuries’ property, which include a biodiesel plant, two oil separators, steel tanks, two extruders, and 1 000-litre oil neutralisers, among other movable property.

Justice Kamocha, in settling the case (HC 247/17), also ordered that Mnangagwa be paid interest from 2014 and the cost of suit.

“We are, indeed, handling that matter but we do not have instructions from our clients to speak further on the matter,” he said.

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  1. 36247 tonnes for $18k you must be a Man United supporter still high after the week end victory

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