Easter death toll rises to 32

POLICE have expressed concern over the sharp increase in road accidents this Easter holiday, with 32 fatalities recorded as of yesterday, compared to 18 deaths during the same period last year.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi in a statement, attributed most of the accidents to speeding, misjudgment, overtaking errors and failure to observe road rules.

“We urge drivers to travel at safe speeds and consider the safety of other road users. Pedestrians are also being urged to be observant when crossing roads and to use designated crossing points,” he said.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe communications manager Tatenda Chinoda told NewsDay that his organisation had mounted 19 educational roadblocks across the country’s major highways, as part of efforts to minimise road carnage.

“We have 19 educational roadblocks across the country this Easter and the message is that drivers should exercise caution and take it easy on the roads, especially tomorrow (today) when churches and families will be travelling back to various destinations,” Chinoda said.

He urged owners of public service vehicles to closely monitor their drivers and advise them on cautious driving, as a way of safeguarding the lives of their passengers.

“An important group is the public service vehicle owners because they are the ones who are listened to by their drivers and, therefore, they are supposed to play a leading role in preaching this gospel of safe driving,” he said.

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  1. muzukuru waTongogara

    . may the soul of those who perished this Easter holiday rest in peace and those injured i wish them a speedy recoverymapurisa ndikukuonai henyu mukuda kutsvaga relevance to come back on the road. there are other contributing factor like bad roads and rains as well as increased traffic (you not looking on that fact) since police is there to protect the public they should also engage in road maintenance.

  2. kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…C.S Paul Nyathi, chokwadi dayi matangawo nekutaura nezvekushata kwakaita migwagwa yemunyika. Migwagwa izere makomba nemakoronga. Mimwe ahisi kuchekwa uskwa nemiti mumativi mayo.

  3. Very nostalgic about road blocks where they can pretend to check on anything, including what the colour of the vehicle and/or when it was first registered, all for the sake of extortion.

  4. Those stats will need to be corroborated, ZRP is not reliable, they maybe ballooning the figures to try and justify the return of multiple exrtotinist roadblocks – by the way is ZACC/NPA/Government going to do something about the millions that were fleerced from motorists. The main contributor to the road carnage is the state of the roads over increased traffic especially trucks. All the main roads were done by Smith to last 50yrs carrying only a few hundreds of thousands of traffic.

  5. The reported police “concern” tells me that traffic section is just itching to have those “blood” sucking multiple road blocks put in place again!

  6. Muchingowawata hee mapurisa this, mapurisa that muchingopera nekufa mumaroads acho. Can it surely be a nation without a police service. Vanhu vemunyika muno kunyepera kuziva zvisina nebasa rese.

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