Cash crisis needs action, not child’s play!

ON Wednesday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa pledged during commemorations of the country’s 38th Independence Day anniversary to urgently address the cash crisis, among several other commitments.

We believe the President must be reminded that this is not the first time that he was making such a commitment, having been one of the things he touched on soon after his inauguration on November 24 last year.

After failing to deal with the cash crisis in his first 100 days, he then recanted and pledged to join the multitudes of Zimbabweans in the unending bank queues, something which showed that Mnangagwa’s regime had no clue as to how they could handle the crisis.

Hence, the cash crisis still persists with no end in sight. It is not even showing signs of relenting whatsoever. That’s bad enough for the new Zanu PF leader who is set to battle it out with the opposition in the country’s first election without both former President Robert Mugabe and the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Promises have never been good enough — and they can always be broken or remain unfulfilled. Zimbabweans need a long-term solution to the economic crisis, not these unending promises without timelines.

The country has been battling a cash crisis that has seen a lot of man-hours and productive time being lost as people queued in banks to access their hard earned money.
While Zimbabweans understand that the cash crisis was inherited from his predecessor Mugabe’s regime, it cannot be an excuse because there is need for clear and tangible demonstration that we are in a “new era”, as they would have the nation believe.

A lot of the times citizens are still hearing the same promises that Mugabe used to give, which never translate into reality as ordinary people continue to pay a huge price for the “cashlessness” afflicting the country. ads Ads

Rather than give banal promises on intentions — which is always the nature of speechifying — it would have been better for Mnangagwa to give tangible examples and breakdowns of what exactly has government done to resolve the crisis that continues to haunt the ordinary citizens.
It goes without saying that the cash crisis has probably been one of the great hardships faced by Zimbabweans and “working tirelessly to solve” it doesn’t really mean anything without providing the actual solution.

If this matter is not resolved urgently, what makes the Zanu PF government sure that the electorate will give them another lease of life when they have clearly demonstrated their cluelessness!

Time is fast running out and the time to act is now. Mnangagwa must not forget that he and his colleagues are living on borrowed time, and they have been given ample time to demonstrate that, indeed, we are in a “new era.”

Yet so far, there is nothing much to show for their takeover of power. Zimbabweans demand action, not child’s play.

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  1. so finally we are now adandoning pos machnes thrust after realising that the penchant for hard cash in zimbabwe surpass any man made machines ,welcome to reality and i hope solution will be found in the not too distant future

  2. The so called Mugabe regime included ED who was the Vice president, Chinamasa, Mohadi, Mpofu etc. Nothing has changed besides that Mugabe has been rested. Its the same ZANU PF regime which has continuously missed targets/ its promises since 1980. We are not expecting anything new. Blowing your OWN trumpet saying we are new doesnt make you new. You are the same regime we have seen messing up our lives since 1980. There is no new game in town. These guys are clueless, have been clueless for 38 years and will remain clueless on economic matters. All they know is to murder people!

  3. No serious government can look at our cash crisis and take it as business as usual. Yes, you are right, Mr Editor, ZANU PF is clueless on economic issues. Remember they are the same people who got us to become worthless quintilllionaires because of their cluelessness? They never change, and they introduced the bond currency to mop up all USD on the market, enriching themselves in the process. As a newspaper of repute, please, get down to the bottom of the cash crisis and tell the people the truth of ZANU PF shenanigans so people form their opinions to show ZANU PF the door. These people are the epitome of evil, and history is replete with what evil they have visited on the Zimbabweans. Your newspaper has the moral obligation to investigate what caused the cash crisis and educate the people. Do no just scratch the surface on such a pertinent nation issue.

  4. It is no child’s play, Mr Editor. And ZANU PF remain the authors of this national misery. ZANU PF can never be looked up to to solve such a crisis. Yes, they are clueless, and they will remain this clueless for a very long time, if not forever. So, would it be a bad thing, Mr Editor, for you to take it upon your reputable newspaper to investigate and research on how we got here? Can some investigative journalism not be invoked to shed more light on ZANU PF shenanigans that reduced us to a forced cashless society? What with the introduction of bond currency? What was the philosophy behind it? What did it achieve? Why do we still have cash on the streets and none in the banks, and government looks the other way? People need to know, Mr Editor, and you have the moral obligation to look into these anomalies and educate the nation. As it is not child’s play for ED’s government, it cannot be child’s play too for your family newspaper. Probe it and the nation will be richer for it.

  5. Comment…I think to lay all blame for Mugabes dictatorship on ED or on Zanu PF is myopic and completely misses basic definition of dictatorship, in the circumstance tolerated by strangely too tolerant electorate, yu and me included.


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