Bureaucracy likely to stifle Mnangagwa vision: MDC-T

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “dead bureaucracy” could stifle his vision and economic resuscitation programmes, opposition MDC-T national executive member Tapiwa Mashakada has said.


Mashakada, in a statement yesterday, said investors should not expect much from Mnangagwa’s “recycled and dead administration”, which could not easily adopt to change.

“The President’s Office is full of deadwood. It is full of people who cannot be reformed, so how can they be reformed? They cannot embrace change,” he said.

Mashakada added that there were some within government still sympathetic to former President Robert Mugabe and, therefore, likely to sabotage the new administration, warning Mnangagwa might want to establish new capacity if his vision was to be realised.

“In fact, the bulk of government bureaucrats are still locked up in the past. They have not embraced the new dispensation. They do not believe in the ED (Mnangagwa) administration at all,” the former Economic Planning minister, who served in the 2009-13 coalition government, said.

“We must agree that Zanu PF has reached its ceiling and there are weevils at technical level, who will throw spanners in the works. Even the parastatal reform process is going to be a pipe-dream because bureaucrats will frustrate its implementation.”

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But Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba challenged Mashakada to bring his ideas to the table.

Charamba argued Mnangagwa had “been preaching the gospel of business and less politics”.

“President Mnangagwa has pronounced a policy of an open economy. That Zimbabwe is open for business narrative which means his administration is open to new ideas from Zimbabweans. Mashakada is a Zimbabwean and if he brings his ideas to the table, he will find this government very welcoming,” he said.

“This is no longer the time of shouting at each other. We must stop the name-calling. This is a reconstruction phase and we are building the new architecture for service delivery so the time has come for Zimbabweans to bring to the table new competencies.”

Charamba said during the Government of National Unity (GNU), ministers from the opposition had admitted to the strengths of the bureaucracy that Zanu PF had built.

“If anything, people like the then Finance minister Tendai Biti said the one thing that was positive about the Zanu PF government was that it had managed to build a competent bureaucracy. We cannot wake up now and wish away the bureaucracy that we have, the GNU adopted the same and I think it worked well,” the Presidential spokesperson added.

Mnangagwa visited Rwanda last month and was charmed by the extent to which Rwanda dealt with new investors, so he decided to invite officials from the Rwanda Development Board, led by chief executive Clare Akamanzi, to address Cabinet ministers, Zanu PF politburo members and senior government bureaucrats.

Mashakada said there was no need for government to re-invent the wheel, claiming Mnangagwa had poached his mantra “Zimbabwe is Open for Business”, adding he was the first to invite Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote to Zimbabwe.

He added he also visited Mauritius, where “investment licences and permits are issued digitally on real time within 24 hours.”

The former minister said Cabinet had adopted his recommendations and released funds for the project before it collapsed due to government red tape.

“(All) hell broke loose. Turfism (sic) set in and politics too,” he said.

According to Mashakada, he produced the Investment Promotion and Protection Bill’s principles, but this was rejected by the Zanu PF side of government during the unity government era.

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  1. josphat mugadzaweta

    hapatomborina vision apa kutsvaga kuba chete

  2. Those who have ZANU PF’s best interests at heart should realize that a stint as an opposition party, away from the burden of governing, will give the party an opportunity for real leadership renewal, not this factional handover. Then they would come back to us in 2023 and be taken more seriously. Unfortunately, riggers are likely to do as riggers do.

  3. Mashakada the first to invite Dangote to invest in Zim,wakaregerei kuzvitaura paakauya during Mugabe era tinoziva kuti ndiJosy Mahachi.

  4. I think Mashskada has a valid point here.As much as ED wants to please comrades but if he is to realise his vision of a new Zimbabwe he has to bring in fresh blood with new ideas.Vana Mpofu will always demand bribes and this will turn away potential investors. Mind you investors are not desperate they will simply go to the other 45 countries in Africa.Investors have a large pool to choose the destination of their investment. So Charamba should not just dismiss an idea just because its coming from an Oppsition member.Zimbabwe belongs to all of us MDC,Zanu,Black ,White Ndebele Shona we should give respect to each other.Mashakada deserves a pat on the back for highlighting this issue. ED you have been warned.

  5. Charamba is the typical type Mashakada is talking about. Thrives on a polarised Zimbabwe

  6. totenda maruva tadya chakata. Hapana hapana, dindingwe harishanduri mavara aro. Zanu kuchinja kamubiro kayo hehede zvinenge zvaita sei. Nzara ichipo varume as long as the devil’s party is still ruling.

  7. Comment…This is indeed not ideal phase for party competition politics but I concur with national development cooperative political agenda, at least for next 10 years. All of us the been to school, not zanu or mdc, owe it to the nation to take this nation out of this sorry state as matter of urgency, as top priority. The coming national elections, is grossly misguided mistimed compative agenda between freed hostages and their rescuers. MDC as the erstwhile eternal hostages of Mugabe’s constitutionalism.

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