Big names enter Zanu PF primaries

Zanu PF primaries in Masvingo to be held on May 5, 2018 have probably attracted bigger names than any other election in the last 13 years, with reputable captains of industry, famed academics and seasoned politicians entering the race.

Masvingo Mirror

Some 870 local council and parliamentary aspirants had submitted their CVs by Wednesday, making it probably the most heavily contested primary election for the ruling party.
Notable big guns are Winston Chitando (Mines minister) fighting for a senatorial post in Gutu, Amon Murwira (Higher Education minister) who will fight for a seat in Gutu North, Callisto Jokonya (former Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president) entering the fray in Gutu South, Jonathan Wutaunashe (former ambassador to Brussels) eyeing Gutu South.
Gutu South has probably the highest number of parliamentary candidates, standing at 16.

In Chivi, there is Retired Brigadier Elasto Madzingira eyeing Chivi North and Clifford Mumbengegwi gunning for the same constituency.

Construction mogul, Collen Mharadzano is also vying for Chivi North.

Paul Mangwana has set his eyes on Chivi Central, while former senior police officer Admore Veterai is contesting in Bikita South and in Masvingo North, there is Pascal Mudzikisi, a chartered accountant.

In Masvingo Urban, lawyer Edison Zvobgo has joined the fray, while former Tongaat agricultural director, Farai Musikavanhu has thrown his hat in the Chiredzi race. ads Ads

The party expects to earn at least $45 000 from registration fees paid by aspiring candidates in Masvingo alone.

Aspiring MPs are required to pay $100, while aspiring councillors pay $35 in the urban and $25 in rural areas.

The total amount that the party expects from the registration process from all the 10 province is almost $500 000.

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  1. ZANU is the only party which means business regarding these elections. The rest are just clowning around and splitting – as usual. If ZANU were as serious about development as they are about politics, taisvika kure. Our problems are real.

    1. ZANU PF has splitt several times my friend there was ZUM come People First came NPP Mugabe himself came Gamatoks came Lacoste the Junta came Magrett Dongo Democrates

    2. we need change from zanu

      1. Dont expect change to come from ZANU my brother,these thugs had failed long since past.Instead troubles are congregating,unemployment rate is on its summit due to their zero tolerance towards industrialization and those(a drop out of an ocean)who are employed are crying pitifully due to the peanuts they are earning.The bitter truth is that they are scrambling to loot.

  2. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Mazita makuru anechekuita nebudiriro mudunhu. Kwete kungopa vechidiki mabhora nembatya dzenhabvu
    sezvinonzi vana vanodya mabhora. Kana
    kupa vanhu mupunga wakapihwa Zim neChina. Pundutso mudunhu nebudiriro
    ndozvinodiwa. Vakamboiteiyiwo zvinooneka mumatunhuya mumakore mashanu apfuura, 2013-2018? Kana pasina, zvoreva kuti, inhema dzoga.

  3. Great to see good quality candidates entering the politics, should they make it into parliament we expect better quality contributions in formulating laws.I hope the MDCs in their various forms do the same in presenting good quality candidates.

  4. Great, Zanu is currently doing well. Keep on doing great things. What we want is development not childish promises.

  5. Excellent candidates ZANU PF

  6. Comment… Maybe one down, Masvingo province for Zanu PF. What of rest of the provinces? Reporter’s news reporting does not seem to hate vacuum. Article allows only postponed material inference.

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