Bande thrills at Easter conference

THE Easter holiday might be over, but memories of gospel musician Trymore Bande’s thrilling performance at Grace Abound Church’s third anniversary celebrations in Kwekwe on Friday will linger in the memories of those who attended the event.


Backed by Gospel Vocals, Bande brought the house down as a guest artiste at the church’s three-day Easter conference.

With a mixture of his current 10-track album Praise and Testimony in Songs, which carries the hit song Mashoko Evanhu and Muimba YaMwari and some songs off his other six albums, Bande proved he is not just good in the studio, but is also an energetic performer.

Bande told NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the event that he was happy his efforts to spread the word of God through music were being appreciated.

“I was really humbled by the welcome. It shows our music is touching people’s lives even from the way they sang along with us it shows our music is spreading across the country,” he said.

Church founder, Effort Maposa, described Bande, as a talented gospel artiste, who is doing great work in spreading the word of God. Ads

“There are many ways that we minister to win souls to the house of God and that is why we invited brother Bande, who is using his musical talent doing wonders in preaching and spreading the word of God,” he said.

The congregants were also treated to top-notch performances from Grace Abound Church’s praise and worship choir.

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