Winky D drops Ngirozi video

TOP dancehall chanter, Winky D’s banger Ngirozi, off his latest offering Gombwe, featuring Vabati VaJehovha, has probably become the album’s defining song due to its experimental nature and catchy, sing-along rhythm.


The immediate attention that the song attracted from the moment the album was launched has inspired Winky D to release its video today.

The Gafa announced on his Facebook page last week that the decision to release the video was inspired by the fans.

“African wisdom teaches us that wood that has already been touched by fire is not hard to set alight. The song Ngirozi was touched by the fans’ blessings of fire the same day that we performed it for the first time in the HICC [Harare International Conference Centre],” he said.

“Our decision to favour it with this video is premised on the support that you, the fans, who are the stakeholders and stockholders of my music, have given it.”
Winky D applauded the fans for their continued support for his work.

“I am forever indebted to the love you continue to show towards the works,” he said.

The innovative nature of the song — which blends dancehall and traditional white-garment apostolic choral beats — has made it an instant hit.

Several followers of the Gafa on Instagram have showered him with praises over the immediate release of the much-loved song unlike in the past when the video of the song, Disappear, came out long after the song and after some fans had almost lost hope.

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  1. The song itself is great but the video is sub standard.I didnt see the ngirozi ichidzika

  2. I like the song too its easy to sing along and quiet melodious too. am on the watch out for the video also.

  3. Winky D***u are my favourite

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