Two people die in car crash

TWO people died on the spot while five others were injured in a head-on collision that occurred along the Bulawayo-Harare Road on Monday night.


Bulawayo chief fire officer, Richard Peterson confirmed the accident, which happened at the 44km peg in Mbembesi and involved two private vehicles.

“On Monday at 9:07pm the fire brigade attended to an accident along the Bulawayo-Harare Road, where a Toyota Corolla and an Audi collided, killing two people on the spot while five others were injured,” he said.

“The accident occurred along the 44km peg in Mbembesi. The driver of the Toyota Corolla, together with one of his passengers, died on the spot while the other passenger survived.”

Peterson said all four people in the Audi survived although, they sustained injuries and were ferried to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

Peterson urged motorists to exercise extreme caution when driving at night. Ads

“I note with concern that the fire brigade attends to road accidents that mainly happen at night. Motorists driving at night should exercise extreme caution as visibility is drastically reduced at night,” he said.

Last year in December Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) launched a road safety campaign themed Save Lives #Slowdown.

The campaign, which saw police and TSCZ stopping motorists and handing out flyers with the campaign message, was aimed at reducing road carnage.


  1. ko koisa malights mumaroads ndipo unonzwa umwe achiti ed has my vote

  2. Being a road user myself, I have realised that other road users no longer take the precaution to dim their lights for oncoming traffic. We have added a lot of lights on our vehicles that are not necessary at all. For instance what is the use of placing a hunting bar light on a Honda Fit and not dim it for other road users at night. We should remember that with our driving habits we also influence the way other drivers drive their vehicles. So please, ladies and gentlemen let us make our roads and driving safe in order to save lives.

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