Stop it, Chamisa!

IT’S quite pleasing to note that whenever the situation requires that Zimbabweans should speak their minds, most of the time they never fail to rise to the occasion.
Politics has a tendency to be binary and people like controversy and drama. But there has to be a way of working out these problems, and sensible minds are needed on both sides to accommodate each other.


In that vein, people ought to slow down. They need not be like a footballer who is too fast to the extent of leaving the ball behind him that when he reaches the goal, he has nothing to shoot into the open goal, like he was dribbling thin air all along.

That said, one big positive about Zimbabweans is that they are not only open-minded, but also clear-minded. They are mostly open and clear about issues. Like this nugget from Monica Zodwa Cheru on Facebook last week: “I apologise in advance for saying this so early in the morning. I was at Mbare Musika and I must say that the road works going on are a relief. After years of patching and ignoring potholes, it is great to see some real road work going on. I just hope that whoever wins the election will ensure that by next year this time, this will not be notable in any way, that it will be news to chance on a ruined road in the city. Once again I apologise for daring to infer that the ED administration might perhaps be doing something right.” (ED is the acronym of President Emmerson Mnangangwa.) There is amazing intelligence out there among Zimbabweans to tap into. I liked the way Cheru used the literary device of dry humour — humour that is oblique, subtle and that is not all around that individual will immediately catch on to — to drive her point home.

Which good work is being appreciated by Peter Rosenfels, a resident of Harare (an opposition stronghold), who posted this accolade to much-maligned mayor Ben Manyenyeni on Facebook: “I need to eat a little humble pie! The new section of Wallis Road completed last week is beautiful! Same quality as Drew Road. Did they maybe give it to a new contractor? Seems Beeston Ave being done this week. Hope it’s just as good!” Manyenyeni appreciatively responded: “Accolades are rare at our station of duty!”
When someone questioned about who was behind this, Manyenyeni, despite being from the opposition camp, resisted the urge to make cheap political capital out of it by claiming all the credit, replying: “It’s a mix — council and Zinara (Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, a government agency).

“Sometimes joint arrangements in actual project or in planning/financing. Certainly too opaque for stakeholders, I agree!”

Indeed, politics is undeniably at work here, but not only that, not to the exclusion of everything else. Obviously ED is using incumbency advantage and there is nothing wrong with that. Incumbent governments all over the world do that. The incumbent government often has easier access to government resources that can be indirectly used to boost a campaign. This is exactly what the ED administration is doing and it’s not the first and last government in the world to do so. In general, incumbents have structural advantages over challengers during elections. Whatever the timing, good work has been done and is being done on the roads. Ads

On his part, Manyenyeni avoided demagougery and exaggeration. The border between bold rhetoric and populist rhetoric can be hard to define for the common person. That is why it is referred to as red meat rhetoric — like you are throwing red meat to a bunch of ravenous lions — you are feeding the crowd, getting them riled up, arousing angry feelings that may escalate from mere impatience to rage and violence. So, as responsible politicians, we should not pander to the crowd.

And there is a vast difference between opposition and oppositionalism. Some elements are not functioning politicians, but mere oppositionists. The problem with being only and solely satisfied with an oppositional strategy is that it makes it extremely, if not impossibly, hard to be for something. Such people are always in “pre-opposition” mode even before they hear what their opponents have to say. People should not pander to oppositionalism.

But Zimbabweans have largely opted to remain independent in their thinking despite the fact that politics tends to be binary particularly with elections looming. They are refusing to be part of the chorus of 100% negativity from some quarters. They are refusing to dance to the tune of politicians who overhype, who are making exaggerated claims about themselves and their own “innovative” projects and solutions.

Overhype is a real danger especially if fed into highly impressionable and ignorant people, especially youths — of which there are many. Such people do not have any sense of conceptual coherence, they cannot discern whether things being said are connected or not. Their background knowledge or lack thereof makes them swallow any naive theories about the world. You cannot treat voters as a bunch of news feeds, but some politicians are doing exactly that dishing out lies and exaggerations at every turn.
On the one hand, the ruling Zanu PF party is in no hurry to exaggerate after getting its fingers severely burnt over its failure to deliver over 2 million jobs in a mere five years made during the party’s 2013 election campaign.

But, on the other hand, it seems MDC-T-cum-MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa (also known as Wamba Diawamba) cannot resist the urge to exaggerate. In extending birthday wishes to Chamisa on February 2 this year, political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya, an opposite sympathiser himself, wrote on Facebook: “As you turn 40 today and continue on your public political life, you must be strong and liberal to accept criticism where it is due in order to mature, this includes accepting censure from people like me when you make unhelpful statements such as getting US$15 billion from Donald Trump . . . When we make public your individual failings, we do so based on proven and uncontestable facts available.”

But it seems this advice fell on stony ground as Chamisa has gone on to make more fantastical promises, the latest of which is about building a world-class airport in rural Murewa, which drew this deserved sarcastic, disbelieving response from Hopewell Chino’no, one of Zimbabwe’s best and brightest minds: “Wambology of the Week: Flight UM263 from Nyamapanda to Harare with a 30-minute stopover in Murewa. Bhora haimhariba (It won’t land at Bhora). Business class ticket special.”
Stop it, Chamisa!

lConway Nkumbuzo Tutani is a Harare-based columnist. Email:


  1. Comment…yeah stop it we are watching you

  2. true dat.honestly if are really an educated young individual and u fall for chamisa populist lies there’s something wrong with u

    1. Proud Dreamer

      Zanu Pf stole your dreams. They made you content with what you have so that you don’t take them to task while they plander the countries resources.

    2. I see you still under Mugabe’s Brain wash. You wish to be under Zanu till death do you part.I’ll vote Chamisa even if he lies again. As long we are free from this ZANU PF Slavery! Go Chamisa bvanangu! We are with you till your inauguration as president of Zimbabwe!

    3. You are the one who has something wrong with your education.

  3. Ko zvinokona nei????? Think big bro. Ndiyo 21st century baba.

  4. My point of departure from the normally on song Tutani is when he threatens to perpetuate the downgrade of our aspirations and dreams as a nation championed by the former regime and calls one who dares the nation to dream again to stop. Though I understand were he is coming from, we cannot allow the elderly approach to overshadow our propensity to dream ever again ! In my view the narratives of the regime in selling downgraded, moderated, watered down, practical dreams alone costed us decades of development ! Disruptions are not consistent with such yet they get nations going !

  5. takunda mazano

    i was born and bred in a limiting way which makes it rare for me to dream big unless i radically force myself to give it a go having experienced a mind opening moment first.years back a fellow from kuwadzana dreamt and produced but our limiting zim did not support. it was the same with daniel chingoma and his helicopter.yes we can dream but currently not that big becauese we are limited.zimbabwe needs an intellectual revolution to make resolutions of greatness in every sense of greatness…

  6. Give credit where its due. This is a brilliant piece.

    1. Of course….it is brilliant but the author will be first to accept criticism. Now on the other hand, this Chamisa fellow, is burying the movement that should rightly form the NEXT government and what are we supposed to do to him or about him? I say, let us give it to him BETWEEN THE EYES, as should be, not humour is NOT worth the time and trouble..Yes !!!

    2. Yes a masterpiece for a dullard

  7. Comment…Go Chamisa go

    1. Chamisa don’t turn back plesase you are 100% correct

  8. Comment…dont stop it go Chamisa go!!

  9. Comment…i dont like this old party with some old people old mind,old promises,liars,tribalist,murders,gukurahudists,there are failing to develop our country what there know is talking about how there fight the war 50 yrs ago,no roads no nice malls like other coutries yooo whe are tired of this zanu pf,Go chamisa go

  10. Comment…the problem of mdc they think that zanu rig election no they manipulate the voter .in 2013 elections I voted in rural area and I vote mdc but after election I flee bcz they threatened to kill me bcz they really know that I vote for mdc .how did they know while my vote is secrete .in rural area your vote is not secrete.let me explain ,headland wrote every every voter in book and you will be arranged in that manner on polling day people will vote sabhuku by sabhuku in order.zanu PF agent write down serial number of every number one voter per villages in most case is the headmam .when votes are counted zanu PF agent write down serial number of mdc voters and they easily trek down using those headmam books unobatwa after election in 2013 ndakabatwa they threatened to victimise my mother and father I report but nothing happened . I then flee to south africa with my wife and kids where I’m currentilly stay peaceful. I told mdc office but they do nothing to protect their ppl

  11. Well said brother Chamisa thinks that is talking to robots or blank slates yet is talking to rational human beings

  12. I will only vote for chamisa if:
    1. he openly denounces homosexuality or at least guarantees us that the liberation of that practice and it’s compulsory propagation to children and all who detest the practice, will not be a component of his policy
    2. he ropes in and cooperates with level headed political aspirants like manyika and his deputy, nkosana and others who have been vocal about critical issues. this will make him a credible leader.

    otherwise, I’ll leave it to those who know

  13. As far as we can see God will take us there. If it failed in the past 38 of black rule it does not mean it will fail completely. Measure Zimbabwe on global standards and not Africa. Look up and dream big Zimbabwe, the future is bright.

  14. Ummm can this my people really move,can’t even dare to dream.For anything to manifest,we have to dream it first.Go Chamisa go. We are with you Mr president.

  15. I will agree with Tuts article here, Chamisa needs to be very careful and not overhype the common man’s expectations. People in Murehwa are desperate for ‘bread and butter’ issues to then expect them to comprehend how a world class airport at Bhora Growth Point will ‘give them sadza nenyama’ is not far from insulting them – WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO PEOPLE IN MUREHWA.

    There is allegation on other print media that that particular rally in Murehwa had people bussed from Harare. Reportage continues that those same people were head shouting ‘ Glenview South’ when Morgan’s daughter Vimbai stoodup to address the rally. Urbanites may have a little understanding of longterm benefits of world class airpots however even them are desparate for clean water affordable electricity jobs health services…again sadza nenyama issues.

  16. You cannot actualise any dream, let alone construct airports and build shopping malls, by telling lies at campaign gatherings. This is how this country was run down over the past 38 years by people who lied about what they were doing, what they could not do and who was, making them fail to achieve what they had promised the electorate. Phantom enemies were created in the name of the West and even where sanctions had no impact the blame for government failure was deliberately offloaded onto them, all for the sake of misleading the nation. The result is the disaster that we now are, and Chamisa is doing exactly the same. His youth supporters think he is right.
    ZanuPf supporters thought Bob was right until they became the laughing stock of our continent and the world.
    Hitler ignored Napoleon’s experiences in invading Russia in winter. He reaped disaster just like Napoleon.

    1. Spoken like the real Nelson…big on hype and meaningless big words…I have a question for you: where have you been hiding all along???

      1. Am not anonymous…I am the gutter poet. Let me see if I can make this known on me next contribution…

  17. There are dreams, fantasies and hallucinations. It is all good and healthy to dream. This boy is smoking something, thus the hallucinations. First he must proffer solutions to simple bread and butter issues facing the country, things like employment, production, energy, water, basic infrastructure etc before looking at bullet trains and airports everywhere etc. Stop it, we are not your fools. And whatever you are smoking, stop it mfana!!

    1. maybe if you actually listened to what he said you would know what he has said about bread and butter issues problem is zimbaz are the most ignorant so called educated people in the world. all you need is to google and watch the dude speak and all you can talk about is bullet trains kurai papfungwa please, you embarass us

  18. If building a mere airport in Murewha this day & age is considered a pipe dream in a country of the most educated people on the continent then surely black people have no future in this world, ironically the developed nations that do have spaghetti roads & bullet trains built them using resources from our very own land

    1. Zimbabwe is open for business but closed for health

      1. YES, indeed it is…

  19. I tend to agree with you Tutani to some extend that sometimes Chamisa over dramatizes his speeches especially if you notice how Zimbabwe has slidden backwards over the years. This is the reason why you (Tutani) are celebrating the patching of potholes, something that must have been a routine occurrence which would ordinarily pass without notice but not in our make believe country. Remember that Singapore was like Zimbabwe 40 years ago and it took a dreamer to bring it to world class status it is today. And because we have been subjugated by poverty and Mugabe ‘regasi’ we dare not dream. Dreaming becomes a taboo in Tutaniland. Dream on Chamisa. One day you will be vindicated.

  20. Chamisa also to build more old people’s homes for you especially Conway Nkumbuzo Tutani,judging from your pic you now need to rest. Nothing against old people obviously we all get old, the trouble is getting in the way of progress at the expense of ambitious citizens. If you are happy with your country rotting under Zanu PF clearly it says something about your state of mind – you got nothing else to live for – so in that case you need to STOP IT.

    1. LETWIN KASEKE, be specific. Suppose Tutani is 55-60 years old, how many 55-60-year-olds are currently in Zimbabwe? What’s their percentage of the population? If they make up 10%-20% of the population, can the national budget afford to sustain them in old people’s homes? Have you established whether Tutani and other 60-year-olds are not self-sustaining? Are you economically literate? No wonder you are in Chamisa’s fantasyland. Advise Chamisa to announce at his next rally that he will build “world-class” old people’s homes with spas, Internet,free holidays and all the modern luxuries. You certainly sound senile compared to Tutani.

  21. Have you ever seen Lubumbashi International Airport?? So its normal that a person from Kotwa has to travel all the way to Harare to catch a flight. In some countries there are less than 50km from one Airport to the other. Harare is about 90km from Murewa and Harare airport might be around 110km from Murewa. time is money. It took more than 3years to construct the Simon Mazorodze – Harare drive roundabout. To give an example Italians construct such roundabouts overnight. The addition of a 3rd lane from Ravenna to Ancona (178km) on the A14 motorway took six months with more than 100 flyovers being built and all functional in less than a year.

    1. Too true…how apt!

  22. Chamisa dangerously exuberant , take a chill pill , your utterances of late are making me scatch my bold head. Emmerson is being mature and pragmatic though his tainted past is weighing heavily on him.

    1. he is being an old person they have nothing more to offer we are tired of Zanu, they will never reform they are even afraid to reform right now and you think once you give them 100 power through ballot they will change. Zimbaz are too gullible its pathetic, they shit on you for 37yrs and you think those people have something to offer… 75….cry my beloved country

  23. Chamisa dangerously exuberant , take a chill pill , your utterances of late are making me scatch my bold head. Emmerson is being mature and pragmatic though his tainted past is weighing heavily on him.

    1. Chamisa had it all made..Everyone beats Emmerson Munangagwa…and he is going into record books as the first man to lose to Emmerson in an open election..A dubious first..He may as well get ready to hear very loud laughter from one Chebundo of Kwe kwe..

  24. Another Intellectual

    Interesting how you so “clevely” anti Chamisa but it came through and got picked up.

    Now if you were doing a balanced critique of Chamisa you would have put his positives positively and his negatives negatively but chose to show your inclination by putting absolutely no positive or a positive negatively and his negatives NEGATIVELY.

    You have political agenda and it came through and we picked it up.

    But fear not s’Thutha-ni the winds of change will come. Just as 37 years of senile dementia and “entitledness” came to an end.

    The reality is that if you are over 50 like you and me Tutani, have lost the right to determine the future of Zimbabwe but destroyed its past 37 years.

    50 plus zwiiii…..

    1. ANOTHER INTELLECTUAL, do you exclude yourself from the category of “s’Thuta”? Like Chamisa, you are being too clever by half.

    2. Tutani is actually over 65 years and therefore of the old order that resists wifi and instagram,that is he he knows what it is.This greedy generation liberated the country but does not know how to govern.

  25. For me Chamisa should start with the basic human needs first employment so that the vibrant young people work and pay tax which in turn will pay for health service. Then education, road ,sewage system upgrade the living conditions of the rural people then he can talk about an airport in Mrewa.If there are no jobs it means the only people who would afford to board that plane would be from Harare and Bulawayo not people in Mrewa.So no benefit for them is there.

    1. EVE, the approach you are recommending makes great sense.

      1. Of course..she makes a lot of sense…and the ABUNDANT TRUTH on this here issue is she is not in a minority with this grain of wisdom but this is common place..

  26. I have a confession to make.. I REALLY don’t like two people in public office here in Zimbabwe..They are one George Charamba and this current ‘twerp-whipper-snapper,’ Nelson Chamisa..It really is a toss up, who grinds my gears the wrong way between the two of them..but I have to say Chamisa does this quite ABLY, but hey, George is not too far behind !!!

  27. Zvinokona nei.

    Shity zimboz who have been fucked by zanu pf all these 38 years. Whats so imposible about building an airport in Murewa. Inodhurei airport. Hatina here aerodromes kumaruzevha uko. Kana dziriko chii chinotitadzisa to upgrade those so that a small Boeing aircraft imhare ichisimuka zvekare. Fucked zimboz wake up its happening paSouth Africa apa zvotadza nei muno tiine hupfumi hwakadaro. Majaira kubirwa thats why you see it as imposible. Mukai mugeze mbovha idzo nonsense hlaaa. Go Chamisa dont you even stop it. Thats what we want to hear izvozvo wachisvotwa iwe taura chete.

  28. Tutani i used to respect you but it seems yr friendship with Mutsvangwa had resulted in you being very very conflicted.We dont care if you support ED via Mutsvangwa but dont pretend to be nuetral.You are losing all credibility.We want Chamisa.We will dream with Chamisa.We will halucinate with Chamisa because #GodIsInIt

  29. don’t say we want chamisa,say I want chamisa.

    I don’t get it why some people think a baby can run a run better than any other.I’m not implying that a 94 yr old can do better either.We don’t want great grand fathers and babies running countries.Why do zimbos always want to play on the extreme side of things.let’s be normally like the rest of the world and elect a mature but not old leader.

    the median age for world leaders is between 55-60 yrs.

    currently we only have two nations out of over 100 countries with leaders at 40 and below.

    Zimbabwe be wise a vote for maturity not bullet trains.

    1. that is our choice to make if we want a 40yr old and he messes u in the nest 5yrs we will remove him, but surely a 75yr old ZANU dude hooohodooo that one you will never remove once apedza Chiwenga anenge akutodawo…bodo.

      1. Well put doc,thank you.

  30. News based on individual Facebook posts? Really? I can now understand why our country is in this mess. We can’t even learn from our history?

  31. l think you also underestimate the youths when you depict them as being gullible, perhaps there is a bigger picture and you might have missed it too. Wether Chamisa’s promises are far fetched or not mght not be the most important thing to the youths right now. l believe that people generally have the ability to make good judgement concerning important matters affecting their lives . What l believe to be the most important thing then is change and l believe that there is a general consesus amoung the people of our nation especially the youths that change is what we need because we believe that this is going to usher in more favourable policies and reforms for the development our country, even to vote freely for the next president better that these zanu who have held on to power for so long and who are not likely to bring such reforms. The general consesus is who is most likely to help people to get that change and that most likely person is chamisa. Chamisa because he already commands large following. Chamisa because he hasnt yet gotten his opportunity to lie to us if he is giving us empty promises. Chamisa because ED has been with the party that has failed to deliver for more than 37yrs. Also personally because l hate to think that the person who is ruling has imposed himself over me when l had voted him out of power like zanu did and does. That to me is loothesome at a personal level. So wether he does good or not but because l voted him out l dont like whatever he does.

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  33. Guys please be rational and avoid insults. The author has put across opinion and all we have to do is analyse it discredit it factually and not resort to childish retort.
    Some of the diatribe being displayed here especially from the supposedly youth of our country is nothing other than shameful and worrisome.
    To dream big(ly) as Trump was wont to say during the last US election campaign is a noble cause. But to lead the electorate down the proverbial garden path is deceitful in my opinion.
    From a distance I say dream on and bigly and good luck to Zimbabwe because we need it.

  34. Pamberi nachamisa pasi na……….

  35. Gentlemen this is the technology era where ideas alone can rack in billions of dollars, in my own view Chamisa is representing that only. Nothing is impossible. Look at Zuckerberg and believe! #Generationalconsensus

  36. Timothy i agree with you when you say whatever Mnangagwa and Zanu pf does we won’t vote for them ! The biggest issue we are fighting for is for us as a generational to have the the right to Choose who we want to lead our nation no matter his or her age ! Voting for Mnangagwa simply tells us and our future generations that only the Army choses who lead us against our will! The only thing that will make our nation progress is firstly to remove Zanu Pf in power – if it retains power in the future that’s fine but for now we have to show our children that there is power in people’s choices not in the army’s tanks ! A Mnangagwa win will sow the seeds of future coups and violence !But a Chamisa or anybody not aligned to Zanu Pf will bring back the power of people’s choice over guns and tanks and also bring back our pride that has been destroyed by years of violence and intimidation!

  37. Some quarters were indeed mentally colonised by the failed Zanu Pf government.Why relegate Zimbabwe to the dust through limited thinking.So you want the wrongs of the past 37 years to be corrected in the next 37 years?Why not in 5-10 years?Hanzi Rome was not built in a day,my foot!ED should simply ensure a free and fair elections so that Zimbabwe forms a new and capable government.DREAM BIG,ZIMBABWE DESERVES BETTER.

  38. PEOPLE LIKE TUTANI are the ZANU AGENTS.why do your story is biased towards age ?WHY DO YOUR HEADLINE SAYS STOP IT CHAMISA? WHY NOT STOP IT MUNANGAGWA? FRANCE HAS THE YOUNGEST PRESIDENT NOW WHO IS IN OFFICE WHY NOT CHAMISA.WHY DO SOME OF THE PEOPLE THINK building an airport is something out this world,it is very easy especiallywith the resources we have in ZIMBABWE IF PROPERLY done. i think the FUTURE i iwant is with CHAMISA NOT zanu

    1. TOZVIREVA, can you also accuse political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono of being Zanu PF agents for criticising Chamisa for his gross exaggerations about $15 billion and “Murewa airport’? Tozvireva, you are an agent of ignorance.

  39. But the article write did not say Chamisa is wrong do not vote him, but ONLY cautioning (CHAMISA) to proceed with caution. If he doesnt heed the advice i will not be surprised if on the next rally he starts promising nuclear power stations and space shuttles….coz Zimbos must dreamon.. my foot.

  40. But it makes sense to have airports in agric hubs for direct exports.

    1. TICHAONA, are you familiar with the term “economies of scale”?

  41. kkkkkk donato cant you see that Tichaona is not educated?You want a promise of an airport whern you dont have food in the plate hahahaha

  42. Let me have the last word.
    Nelson is like a kid in a sweet shop. He must be told bullet rains, kombis, unemployment, bond notes, abject poverty and bank queues are incompatible. Kombis, unemployment, bond notes, abject poverty and bank queues might be compatible but not compatible with bullet trains.
    Questions are – who will be using these bullet trains with 95% unemployment? The average black person who has money buys a car and will never use the bullet trains. Bullet trains mean super speed. Where will the unemployed majority be going when they are not in work or business? You cannot travel at super speed to go nowhere or for no reason. Bullet trains will be a white elephant I am afraid. The same goes for the International airport in the Reserves like Mrewa. If people in the Reserves are unable to buy a new pair of trousers or underwear how can they buy airline tickets to travel to Harare for no reason? Daftest.
    Nelson must re-think his strategy otherwise he will be worse than ex-tyrant, Mugabe.

    1. by constructing the trains and airports is that not employment being created, how can someone who fails to open airwaves be4 elections be said to be progressive, opening airwaves is just giving a proclamation but u can’t do that, wat will make us trust him that he will do it after the elections and how many deals have they signed which haven’t translated to anything, since the coup

    2. There is something called a strategy. This is where you are looking ahead not at the present situation.

  43. It is now very clear that Zanu PF has destroyed not only the economy but the ability of people to think big, sure people still want to be promised bridges and roads in this day and age uuummmm sorry Tutani nemiwo here mukoma, surely we are surprised about an airport, an airport can also bring food on the table my brother through employment creation.
    It seems we are going nowhere, voting for Zanu PF is like saying the army should give us another leader, like in 2002,2008 and 2017 shame on us blacks we are a cursed lot…

    1. ANONYMOUS, why are you leaving out Pedzisai Ruhanya and Hopewell Chin’ono who have observed the same as Tutani? Being selective shows your hypocrisy.

  44. Comment…Emmerson is the only person capable to transform Zimbabwe’s economy among the presidential candidates available in Zimbabwe. He is God’s word and the peoples of Zimbabwe are realising this fact, that Dambudzo is the reason why we celebrate today. Considering chimisa’s trucks deals with desperate Mugabe, also his involvement in the retrenchment of thousands of workers speaks volume of inconsistencies in chamisa. personally, l will vote for ED for the good of my friends and l.

  45. Angada rimwe Dambudzo ndiani after Mugabe. Mbudzi ndodzinofunga dzichidaro. Chamisa pinda muoffice zvako iwe.

  46. Itai Mbudzi I think you are being sarcastic there. Honestly how can a person who’s been monkeying around for 38yrs be your answer for change? Last time I checked Zimbos vote, not God. So stop this ED and Gods word nonsense

  47. Hanzi the youth don’t think and will be fooled. Ko imi were you not fooled? Have you ever asked yourself how did those developed nations become developed. Don’t act as if you are the only nation that has elections and so called mature politicians. i might ask- mature pakudii. Stealing here? Imagine if the thieves had dreams they would have stolen and built something that generates money and they would have stopped stealing kudhara, but lack of dreams makes them stay and steal. havana kana plan kuti vodii vakabva, vanotya kutambura.
    Countries are born by dreamers, going to the moon was once a dream, having electricity was once a dream. the issues that you claim need solving in Zimbabwe, these cash issues, don’t need dreaming, they need better financial management. kutonetsekana nekusolver issue yemari sure, nemabasa. Muoffice mukapinda vanhu vanoziva zvavanoita hazvitori 3months kupera izvi.
    Zupco went broke, is it because vanhu vanoda kutakurwa vakapera? Madhara siyayi tirote hupeyu urinani. This day and age tichiri kutsvaira panze nebroom rehuswa. Chinotadzisa kuisa lawn chii, hatina madreams ekuisa lawn, hanzi lawn ndedze varungu. Ndege kumusha, haa zvoitwa nevarungu. In Nembudziya, Gokwe South there was a ndege paclinic pakandobva varungu, ndege zero.
    Let us dream big dreams cause the world is made by dreamers. Phone, laptop and all things that you are using were once someone’s else dream. Go Chamisa Go

  48. Chamisa thinks outside the box.He has a vision beyond what Zimbabweans are used to.He has a dream.I do not see how he can fail to do that if he is given 37 years to rule. th

  49. In my small Karoi town,we used to have an aerodrom 40 years ago which is now a maize field

  50. 15billion from Trump or no 15billion. Go Chamisa Go! We can’t be ruled by Zanu for another 5o years pliizzzzzzzzzzz NO! We need new faces. E.D or no ED Time is up for ZANU PF. Its time the you take over the country. They have suffered enough. Stop Lying to the youth. Zanu cannot offer nothing. Proven now for the past 40years. All Zanu has done is Sh!t!!(SOORYY FOR THE LANGUAGE)but its a fact still writtrn in our forehead. You will be a fool to think ZANU can bring true DEMOCRATIC CHANGE! It can only happrn under CHIWENGA’s dead body. Don’t vote ZANU never and never in our lifetime please. Zimbabwe has suffered enough under ZANU. Let new people bring the change we desperately need!

  51. Comment few questions that you should ask yourself is where was this new administration before they took over,don’t be blind kkķ,George Charamba was Mugabe’s spokesman man now ED spokesman,new administration?Patrick Chinamasa finance minister old administration,Patrick Chinamasa finance minister new administration kkkk. just to mention few.ED to prove that its new administration he should do election reforms simple,the problem with us Zimbabweans is if we are getting corrupt advantage from those pole we turn deaf ear

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