SA-based businessman eyes Gweru Urban

A SOUTH Africa-based businessman has set his eyes on the Gweru Urban parliamentary seat in elections scheduled for July this year.

By Stephen Chadenga

Nkosikhona Ndlovu (37), who owns information and communication technology and construction companies in the Western Cape said the Midlands capital had been deprived of representation for decades.

“I was born in Gweru and my heart bleeds for poor representation in the city,” Ndlovu said.

“I have, therefore, considered to serve my country on a full time basis by contesting for the Gweru urban seat. MDC-T has been in this constituency for more than 10 years, but they have not brought any meaningful development.”

MDC-T’s Sesel Zvidzai is the sitting MP for Gweru Urban.

Ndlovu said he had a network of potential investors from South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and Dubai who were keen to invest in Gweru.

“I have managed to interact with highly-skilled personnel in the Diaspora and it is through that experience that I will bring development to Gweru,” he said.

Recently, Ndlovu said he held a tutoring workshop in Gweru where more than 90 people attended.

He also said he has secured 60 tonnes of material to patch up roads and was waiting for clearance from Gweru City Council to start the project.

“It’s, however, unfortunate that we have to go through the process of clearance, considering the dilapidated nature of infrastructure in the city,” he said.

“Economically, I have supported families back home as I employ more than 60 Zimbabweans in my companies.”

Ndlovu said should he assume office, his first port of call would be infrastructure development, service delivery and public lighting, among other projects.


  1. Why does he need a political office for if he is a genuine investor

    1. Any investor worth his salt will ensure he seeks political office so that he can help direct political policies that help grow the economy, his and other people’s investments further. Donald Trump was already a Dollar Billionaire when he sort political office; Cyril Ramaphosa sort political office after achieving his millions; Patrice Motsepe is a serious political participant in the ANC with his millions. It is those who think money grows on trees who first rush into politics before achieving anything in their lives. These are in the majority and are known to have ruined many countries through corruption and stealing public funds!

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